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Halloween Obesity Letter Hoax From MamaBreak

This just seems cruel to me and makes me sad that people could be this mean if it’s true.

Halloween Letter Hoax

So, a little radio station in the middle of Fargo, ND reportedly found a woman who wrote a letter to children that she felt were obese. It got TONS of media coverage from the Today show to CNN.

See what else MamaBreak has to say about this Halloween Obesity Letter Hoax.




  • Veronica

    I’m sorry…but I don’t get these blogs that give snippets and then I have to try to figure out what else you have to say about it. There is no obvious link to read more. This is becoming a real pet peeve of mine, one I am soon writing an article on.

    • Brandy

      Thank you for the comment and the heads up that I forgot to put the link in the post. I put the phrase into link it up and then got side tracked with my kids. I apologize for this and yes I would agree it is annoying! The link to the original poster can be found at and I have updated the post correctly now. Sorry once again!