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Handmade Tangled Lights Recipe Card

BIC has a fabulous line of permanent markers, called BIC Mark-It™. They are available in many colors and you can purchase them in singles or even a 36 count pack, from ultra fine to broad tipped ­this is a crafters dream! Daily I am reaching for a permanent marker for labels, recipe cards, signs, or adding a finishing touch on an ornament. The colors of the markers are vibrant and eye catching, making every craft (or simple note) a work of art.

Handmade Tangled Lights Recipe Card

I received a 36 count pack of fine BIC Mark-It™ as well as an 8 count pack of their new metallic colors for to create a #BICMerryMarking craft for you to enjoy. I am hosting a Christmas cookie exchange soon at my home and decided to give them a try by creating blank recipe cards for my guests, using primarily the Key Lime Green ( they have the best color names­ rambunctions red, tuxedo black, for­ever green).

Handmade Tangled Lights Recipe Card

I asked each guest to bring a copy of the cookie recipe they would be exchanging, these will be hung up above a table that also holds boxes, tissue paper, bags, and ribbons for repackaging their cookies as well as the blank recipe cards and ultra fine pens for copying the recipe in their own handwriting.

I made a variety of cards ranging from a simple dotted borders to Christmas trees and wreaths, I started by cutting white cardstock into 4×6 pieces (you can get 6 cards out of a 12×12 piece) and my favorite a tangled Christmas light border.

Handmade Recipe Card

Use #KeyLimeGreen to draw a border around the perimeter of your card, including leaps and swirls to look like a light string. Draw bulbs in red and green in a tear drop shape randomly around on the string.

How To Make A Handmade Tangled Light Recipe Card

Swirls to look like a light string.

Handmade Recipe Card

Use a black marker to draw a small socket at the base.

Make lines with a ruler for writing out recipes.

Handmade Recipe Card

Draw trees, wreaths, snowmen, candy canes, or whatever you can imagine to decorate your recipe cards.

I am always a fan of handmade and BIC Mark-It™ makes it easy to create unique, colorful projects.

What can you create with your BIC Mark-It™ markers?  I challenged my dear friends Krista, April and Kristy this year to create something fun for the holidays and I would like to extend that offer to all of you!  I would love to see what you can come up with for the holidays. 

Happy crafting and Merry Marking to you and yours!




  • Natasha Johnson

    This would be so cute to give out a set of these as gifts this holiday. Maybe even give some to family with a few of them good family recipes. Love this idea!

  • Pam

    These would be so cute for sharing recipes at our cookie exchange! Love the idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda Blatchford

    I love those recipe cards. The lights are so cute.