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Easy Christmas Craft ~ Wishes for Santa Can

Are you looking for a fun way to send your wishes to Santa? Then why not try an easy Christmas craft this weekend with this “Wishes for Santa Can”? When you give this craft a try, you can easily tuck away those wishes for Santa so he can be sure to see them. Here is how you can get started.Easy Christmas Crafts Wishes for Santa Can

Easy Christmas Craft ~ Wishes for Santa Can

Wishes for Santa Can supplies:

Easy Christmas Craft ~ Wishes for Santa Can
Can with lid (A formula can works great!)
Red crafting paper
Black construction paper
Yellow constructions paper

Wishes for Santa Can Directions:
1. Begin by cutting a strip of red craft paper to fit the width of your can. Wrap it around snuggly and cut it to fit. Add some glue to secure it to the can.
2. Cut a strip of black craft paper that is about ½ the width of the can. Wrap it around the can and secure it with glue. This is the belt of your Santa.
3. Create a buckle by cutting a square from the yellow craft paper. Fold the square in half and cut a smaller square out of it. When you open it back up, it will look like a buckle. Add some glue and press it over the black strip.

Easy Christmas Craft ~ Wishes for Santa Can
4. Now, write your wishes for Santa and place them inside the can. Leave the can near the fireplace so that when Santa comes, he can easily access them. Just don’t forget to remove the wishes before little ones wake up in the morning!

This wishes for Santa can is an easy way to get your family into the holiday spirit. Give it a try!