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A Homemade Christmas by Tina Barseghina Review

A Homemade Christmas
Creative Ideas for an Earth-Friendly, Frugal, Festive Holiday
by Tina Barseghina
**Taken from the press release**

Perhaps it’s the smell of just baked cookies, the glimmer of a gorgeous homemade wreath or the homemade touch of a hand-folded origami ornament- the true meaning of this special time of year comes from making something with your own hands and crating memories with the ones you love.   The best gifts and holiday traditions come from the heart, and the creative mind of author Tina Barseghian urges readers to flex their crafty muscles to save money and draw their family closer.  Holiday cheer isn’t found at the mall with the same old store-bought presents or an uninspired post-Santa menu.

Thoughts of an expensive and extravagant Christmas go out your hand decorated window!  A Homemade Christmas has you covered for every aspect of this special time of the year!

My Take

A Homemade Christmas has over a hundred ideas of how to make your Christmas happen on a budget and “green”.  Categories include greetings, trimming, cooking, giving, and celebrating.  These topics touch on every aspect of Christmas.

One of my favorite ideas that is included in the book is how to host a Make-Your-Own-Ornament Party.  This sounded like a great idea to me!  I love having homemade ornaments that have a story on my tree and what better way to end up with a few unique ones that can be passed on for generations.  Tina also offers ideas on how to create a evocative glow of candlelight without a fireplace, growing a holiday plant, dazzle your neighbors and of course planning the feast!

With over a 100 ideas combined into one book you will find activites to do with your children and how to make your holiday easier (and maybe a little less chaotic).  Also, you won’t feel the need to be out shopping on Dec. 24th for those last minute gifts that you forgot.  You can get plenty of ideas from Tina’s book for those secret Santa gifts, work parties, gift exchanges and various other avenues that gifts are exchanged.  All the ideas in this book are something I would be happy to receive and I know I will be giving a couple of them this holiday season.  Coulter will be old enough this year to partake in the festivites this year and I think it will mean more to my parents to have something homemade from him like the infused olive oil or stamp stationary.

While many of these ideas I’m sure can be found on the internet with some searching I like having them all in one spot!  I don’t have a lot of spare time anymore with a two year old and a two month old so if I can find all these ideas in on book I am all for it!

Buy It
You can purchase A Homemade Christmas on Amazon here in Kindle form or paperback.




  • minishoes1

    This is a book I really need! Make your own ornament party sounds fun! I would hve my sisters and mom over. thanks!

  • paulasue

    I like the make your own items for xmas, this would be great to have!