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Give Smiles This #GivingTuesday With Give Forward

*This post on #GivingTuesday brought to you by my partnership with Give Forward.*

Black Friday has come and gone and today is Cyber Monday.  Neither of these days have meant a whole lot to me but tomorrow does.  Tomorrow is GivingTuesday and I think this is the most important of these three days.  Tomorrow is the day that we are all encouraged and motivated to give to someone.  Tomorrow is the day that we are all encouraged to pay it forward shall we say.

#GivingTuesday With Give Forward

Whether your standing in line at Starbucks and pay for the order behind you, give a little extra to the homeless or take a surprise lunch to one of your girlfriends at work tomorrow is the day that you will be joining with thousands of others in making someone’s day a little bit brighter.

The problem I have is that I don’t actually expect to go any place on Tuesday which makes it tough to pass things on or give to someone selflessly.  I did consider ordering some flowers and surprising a few people who I care about but that just didn’t feel right to me for some reason.  What did feel right is stumbling across this organization in one of my blogging groups called Give Forward.  Not really sure how big of a rock I must have been living under in order to have not heard of Give Forward before but I admit I have crawled out from under that rock and have spent a large amount of time (and tears) recently reading through others plights.  Reading amazing stories from people who have had to or continue to conquer amazing hurdles.  

GivingTuesday Recipients In Need

Tomorrow is the day that I challenge you to give selflessly.  It can be to those you know or if your stumped you can head over to Give Forward and find a worthy cause that aligns with your beliefs or hits a little to closely to home.  Here are a few that stood out to me to get you started but you can find plenty of Give Forward recipients that are all deserving.

#GivingTuesday With Give Forward  

~  At birth, baby Teodora was diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa. Together, we can help her fight this rare and painful condition.

~  Help Luke fight end stage kidney disease! Your support will save his life through transplant as he struggles to survive on dialysis.

~  Kristy suffered a massive stroke and fell into a coma one week after giving birth to her first child, Mason. Please help this young family.

~  On March 28, 2014, our 8 month old son was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. Through his strength, we fight for Shane’s future days.

~  The Amato’s are blessed to have friends near and far who are determined to support them through Kate’s cancer fight! #TeamKate #SuperKate

~  Brian Hunt’s friends are on the hunt to raise money for his four beautiful children’s college fund.

~  Donna Lentini Scheibner’s family is uniting to raise money to help with the costs of the double lung transplant she will be receiving.

~  Heather and Gary need our help. They are facing a long, difficult, and unpredictable road as Heather battles Guillane Barre Syndrome.

~  Please help us raise money to help offset costs incurred while Ashley battles bone cancer during her pregnancy with Paisley.

No matter who you decide to give to tomorrow know that it will bring a smile to that persons day and I can guarantee your own.  There is truly something special about helping others selflessly through simple acts!

How will you participate in #GivingTuesday?  Have you heard of or used Give Forward before?