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The Heart Of Christmas Review

About The Heart Of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas tells the story of Austin and Julie Locke, who are devastated to learn that their young son, Dax, has been diagnosed with cancer. With courage, determination and faith, they decide to give Dax one last Christmas – even if it has to be in October. When the community sees the holiday decorations and learns the heartbreaking truth, what happens next is a miraculous outpouring of care and support. The Heart of Christmas will touch your heart and bring home the spirit of the holidays.

My Thoughts On The Heart Of Christmas

I will be honest I wanted to review this movie but at the same time had a lot of hesitations. I don’t consider myself overly emotional but the loss of a child is pretty unbearable. I went for it though and shortly before watching the movie a daughter of a friend of my cousins (I know that’s almost to far removed to count right) passed away, who was only two and had just received her heart transplant. Just when things were starting to look up they took a huge spiral down it sounds like. It’s sad enough knowing that a child for whatever reason lost their live so little Maddy could get a heart and to know that it didn’t work for her really makes this tragic.

Alas two days later I sat down with my children out of the house and my box of Kleenex’s. Boy I’m not sure a box was truly enough. Already wanting to pull my children closer after the new news of Maddy’s passing and then watching as little Dax and his family struggle with a terminal illness was almost to much to handle. Knowing that as I watched the struggles, the ups and downs that the West family took with theirs I could imagine Maddy’s family going through as well. Although I only heard about theirs through my cousin I could still picture everything they were going through as well.

The Heart Of Christmas was a tough movie for me to watch but at the same time it really brought more awareness into my life. It has an extremely powerful message as you watch the community band together to give one little boy and his family a Christmas to remember. Knowing that it’s based off of a true story really brings the impact home. I was able to really see the inner workings of how St. Jude really helps children and just how many they really do help. You see commercials all the time but for me The Heart Of Christmas really brought St. Judes to the fore front of my thoughts.

The Cast Of The Heart Of Christmas

Candace Cameron Bure … Megan
George Newbern … Dr. Sandler
Jeanne Neilson … Julie Locke
Anita Renfroe … Theresa
Matthew West … Mark
Eric Beck
Burgess Jenkins
Kelsey Marie Kingsbury
Karl T. Wright
Sophia Sinise
Erin Bethea
Christopher Shone
Nicholas Shone
Dendrie Taylor

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The Heart Of Christmas can be purchased on Amazon starting at $9.96 to own and $3.99 to rent.

**I was provided a digital copy of The Heart Of Christmas for this review.  This however did not influence my thoughts or ensure the movie received a favorable review.**