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ID Gum From Kraft Review

Wow the reach of modern technology and the power it can give us sometimes.  For instance if you will remember a couple of weeks I had a rant about ID gum and this week here I am writing about them.  I must start this review by stating that during my rant it was pointed out by a reader what the intention of the commercial was really about and why some might find it funny.  I still don’t find it funny but I can see both sides of the story now.  That has allowed me to be able to write this review.  So thank you readers for keeping me in check and pointed out the different points of view!

id gum, kinda

My Thoughts On ID Gum

I received my package of #idgum in the mail yesterday and I may kind of be in love with the BerryMelon flavor.  It tastes delicious and the flavor lasted for a couple of hours.  There is nothing worse than popping in a piece of gum and wanting to spit out ten minutes later.  The boys are really in love with the fact that I have a gum that doesn’t burn their mouth.  I am impressed to find a berry flavor that actually tastes good.  I am leery when a gum advertisers a twist on the original flavors.  It usually doesn’t turn out well.  BerryMelon was a hit.

id gum, kinda

The magnetic packaging of the #idgum is pretty smart.  While the other brands of a hooking lock mechanism that seems to get torn in my purse.  Gum lives a frightful life in my purse actually.  It can spend months being lost in the abyss of my purse so I am hoping that the magnetic closure can help keep the gum a little more contained under the wear.  It will be interesting to see the test.

My one issue with ID gum is their marketing tactic.  While I did have readers point out why some would find their commercial funny, I still find it disgusting.  I still think that they could have picked something different as their symbol of funny.  This just really proves to me that I am getting old.  I will be leaving my 20’s in six weeks and who wold have thought that I would be showing my age and view differences from the “young crowd” already.  The targeted demographic of ID gum is the “young crowd” and I do think if they want to pull in the “old crowd” they might need a new marketing campaign.  I belong to a couple of mom’s groups and as a a group we are all kind of against ID gum because of their marketing campaign.

ID gum is trying something new and part of their marketing campaign that I think is rather smart.  They are joining the facebook game trend with ArtCade.  Below are several Artcade games for you to try out and make your own ID experience.  Let me know how you like the ArtCade experience and which is your favorite.

id gum, kinda

With what I thought was going to a rough experience I must say I admit that I am really liking my ID gum experience. I still don’t like their marketing campaign and will never find it actually funny. However, I was willing to give it a second chance and love the flavor, how long the flavor lasts and am really looking forward to seeing how well the packaging holds up.

id gum, kinda

**Pictures are from the ID Gum partner as part of this post.  I was provided a sampling of gum in order to provide this review.  I was not under any circumstances required to give a favorable review.**





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    I don’t care for the spearmint flavor, which is my favorite flavor of regular stride gum. It is too weak and doesn’t last long. I will stick to regular Stride gum. 🙂