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7 Treats For Santa Besides Cookies

7 Treats For Santa Besides Cookies


Soon Christmas Eve will be here, and you may find yourself scurrying for cookies to leave out for Santa. But what if you don’t have any on hand? Or, what if you are tired of leaving cookies for Santa and are worried that he may be tired of it too? Either way, why not try some new treats this year for Santa? Below, you will find 7 treats your kids can leave for Santa that are fun, festive, and so frugal. Take a peek and perhaps you will find one that becomes a new tradition in your home.

1. Veggies and Dip
The purpose of the veggies and dip is two fold. First, they are a nice and healthy alternative for Santa after he has been eating cookies all night. Next, you can mention in your note that you included some extra carrots for his reindeer. This way, everyone ends up healthy and happy.

2. Cereal.
Leave Santa a bowl of dried kid’s cereal. Again, this is a two fold concept. Instruct him to take a handful of it for his reindeer, then give him instructions as to where he can find the milk to enjoy the rest for himself. Doesn’t everyone love cereal as a midnight snack?

3. Chips and dip.
This is a fun idea because you can remove the chips and leave a bunch of crumbs on the plate to show he was there and enjoyed them. Rumor has it Santa loves salty snacks too, so if all you have is some potato chips that will do just fine too!

4. A bowl of chocolate chips.
Santa gets busy while filling stockings, so a great snack is one he can eat on the go. Leave a bowl of chocolate chips for Santa so he can snack on the run, plus he can make a smiley face with a few of them before he leaves.

5. Oranges.
Oranges were well enjoyed during Victorian times on Christmas Day. Surely Santa remembers this since he is hundreds of years old. Leave Santa some healthy orange slices to nibble on and instruct him to give the peels to his reindeer for a sweet treat.

6. A Coca Cola Classic.
Santa has long since been depicted in Coke ads enjoying their frosty beverage on Christmas night. Show your kiddos these nostalgic ads and leave a cold one out for Santa to enjoy at your home.

7. Apple slices.
Santa loves the color red, so apples are a treat he will adore. Cut him some apple slices and pair them with some peanut butter so he has plenty of energy to make it through the night! You can also leave a whole apple, which kids will love coming down and seeing the bite taken out of it.

So this year, give one of these ideas a try. They are a fun alternative to the traditional cookies and milk, and Santa is sure to be so grateful!