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Healthy Snacks On The Go That Are Ideal For Road Trips

Finding snacks on the go that are actually good for road trips is a bit frustrating for some people because not many snacks actually travel well. Either they go bad easily or they require preparation as you ride down the road. Both of these things are not a good mix with a road trip where you want to simply have fun. When you then try to think up a snack that is healthy as well, you find yourself really pulling your hair out. Here are several road trip snacks that are healthy, convenient on the road and tasty for anyone:

Healthy Snacks On The Go

Grape Tomatoes – If you take the time to find some little tomatoes that are in season, then you will have the ultimate road trip snack. Clean them before you go and throw them in a plastic bag and snack to your heart’s delight.

Peanut Butter Crackers – Consider using wheat crackers if you want to make them even more healthy, but homemade peanut butter crackers are still fantastic snacks on the go.

Dried Fruit and Veggies – These are fantastic for the road trip if only because they still give you all the vitamins that you need. They taste fantastic and will keep you reaching in the bag for more the whole trip through.

Dried Pineapple

Popcorn – The old snack is still just as popular as it ever was and it is no mess as well. If you want the simplest snack on the go, then pop up some popcorn and bag it for your trip.  Rocky Mountain Popcorn has plenty of gourmet flavors available if your looking to mix it up.

Apples – The classic apple is no joke and it is super easy to eat going down the road. Also, the core that is left behind is organic and can be tossed to the side of the road for the birds.

These are only a few of the great snacks on the go that you can bring along on a road trip. Each of them are healthy and will provide you with some type of benefit. That said, do your best to think up some of your own healthy ideas. Your road trip need not be boring snack wise either….grab something that you can enjoy.




  • Emily @FamilyNLifeLV

    Great ideas! We do lots of dried fruit and nuts!

  • Tazim

    Dried fruit! Popcorn! Love these easy ideas…those are my favourite things to bring on trips.

  • Carissa Houston

    Uncrustables are good. We make them at home but I can’t make super squishy bread (yet!) so we use the Simply White/Wheat filled with natural peanut butter and jelly/honey, or natural ham & cheese & mustard. You can get a “sandwich squisher” (what would a gadget like that be called?) at the grocery store; I also just saw some at Dollar Tree. They’re square not round (Pampered Chef has a round one if you’re trying to play it off on the kids as Smucker’s!) Anyway, no crumbs, no mess!
    I like your list! Dried fruit is a great idea.

  • Ashley T

    I always forget about the dried fruit. Great list! Water would def be added to the cooler as well.

  • Sherryl Wilson

    These are simple but great ideas. Thanks for getting me thinking.

  • Amanda

    These are great ideas! With twins (and a long trip coming up soon – yikes!) I’m trying to gather up snack ideas that they can enjoy that stops me from stopping every few hours for terrible foods.

    • Brandy

      I do a lot of traveling and we have really started going back to basics because we were stopping and getting junk a lot. We add water to the cooler and keep a well stocked supply of some healthy alternatives. Good luck traveling with twins!

  • Tara

    Love this, thanks so much for the ideas!

  • Rhonda K

    Great snacks! Thank you 🙂

  • Melanie K.

    Great ideas! We love to take a cooler full of bottled water or our favorite drinks. Great for road trips.