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Kidecals Personalized Labels Make Back To School Easy

I received two orders of personalized labels from Kidecals to facilitate my review.  This did not influence my thoughts found below.


Kidecals Personalized Labels Logo

It’s back to school time and our school lists are growing.  Not only as Coulter gets older but Corbin will be joining Coulter this year.  We hit the store this week to get all the needed items and I was glad that when it came time for labeling I had a set of personalized labels from Kidecals for each child.  I couldn’t believe how fast my Kidecals personalized labels showed up at my door either.  I ordered on a Wednesday and they were at my door on Saturday.  That was fast!  

About Kidecals Personalized Labels

Kidecals offers hundreds of designs to pick from with one to please everyone in your household besides just names.  Kidecals offers personal messages such as I’m allergic to bees, I’m gluten free or personalize with your child’s particular need.  

~ Waterproof Name Labels
~ Peel & Apply onto any clean surface including fabric
~ Dishwasher, washing machine and dryer safe

Kidecals Make My Life Easier

This year labeling school supplies was a breeze in our house with our personalized labels and the boys even did it all by themselves.  What child doesn’t love sticking stickers on?  I handed the kids their pile of crayons, markers, water bottles, notebooks and more with their personalized labels and I loaded the dishwasher.  Saved my hand from cramping up from writing the kids names 50 times each. Kidecals waterproof labels are perfect for bottles, clothing, gear, and electronics.

Heck Kidecals are not just for kids.  Kidecals offfers waterproof labels that are perfect for canning.  I will be ordering a couple sets with peaches, pears, tomatoes, strawberry rhubarb pie filling, etc… for the tops of my jars.  Since the personalized labels are shipped so fast I can rest assured they will be here before my canning is even finished with each new thing I try.  

Reasons I Love Kidecals Personalized Labels

~ They are versatile. By the list below you see that the possibilities become endless for personalized labels.

~ They really stuck. Our labels have not been through the gauntlet yet of school but I can tell that the labels are there to stay. With their smooth and waterproof finish they won’t be scraped off easily, washed off and they are stuck. They won’t be torn off easily either.

~ The variety. Kidecals offers a huge variety of personalized label stickers. Whether your child’s favorite color is pink, purple, green, yellow, trucks, or it’s an address label your looking for or it’s letting others know about an allergy. Kidecals offers hundreds of designs to pick from and I had a hard time picking just one.

~ Free Shipping.  Kidecals always offers free shipping.  Doesn’t matter if you order one sheet or 20.  As I said above it’s free shipping that is super fast!

Kidecals Personalized Labels

Uses For Kidecals Personalized Labels

~ Bottles
~ Clothing
~ Sports Gear
~ Electronics
~ School Supplies
~ Canning
~ Borrowed Books
~ Potluck Dishes
~ Gift Tags
~ Food Labeling
~ Party Favors
~ Camp Equipment
~ Telling Same Kids Items Apart

Have you ever used personalized labels before?  What would you label with your personalized labels?  




  • Jenny

    I LOVE labels!! My kids are all one year apart, and now at 8, 9, and 10, if I don’t label their stuff, it’s a nightmare in my house. Labels make it so easy and I love the look of these! Cute!

  • Melanie S.

    We’ve mostly used them for clothes and lunch containers for the kids, but they’re so handy!

  • Chrysa

    They have so many cute designs! I love all the colorful ones, but I think the simple black and white is my favorite.

  • Aly Mashrah

    Those are awesome! It would make organizing a lot easier, too.

  • Teresa Foskey

    We have been using personalized label for years since our youngest 2 are 17 months apart. Now they are 10 and 11 and labeling their “crap” as I so lovingly call it (lol) makes for less fighting. 🙂

    • Brandy

      LOL Teresa. It’s amazing how much “crap” kids accumulate. We are getting to the stage of having to label things as well. Mommies take away bucket can only hold so many things from fighting about them and who they belong to.