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Phone Dump Friday – May 2013 Barley Crop

Welcome to Phone Dump Friday.  I will be “dumping” my phone each Friday (or so I hope!) to give you a closer look into my crazy life with my two boys.

Planting season is officially over.  The barley is in the ground and as you can see below is peeking out of the dirt.  The fields look really good so far this year.  We did have to re-drill one half circle thanks to the wind, yet I believe that has been done every year since I have known Cory.  Hopefully that phase is over with.

Potatoes plants are also all in the ground and boy am I glad that three weeks is over.  Planting season and harvesting are always the toughest on the boys.  Dad’s a grouch which makes mommy grouchy and the boys miss their dad a lot during this time.  They are used to going in the tractor or just working with dad often and because of regulations they can’t go at this time of year, not to mention it’s chaotic and dangerous until they are a bit older.

I hope you enjoy watching the growth of our crops this summer.  I will be posting updates periodically throughout as they progress.  When the potatoes are in bloom is my favorite time of year and we try our best to get a picture of all the boys in the field with all their hard work on display.  It’s really a beautiful site!

May 2013 Barley Crop

Barley Crop May 2013 Barley Crop May 2013

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