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10 Mother’s Day Presents Kids Five And Under Can Give

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, the time has come to decide what to get Mom for her big day.  Our little ones want to give their Mommies a present as well, so what can they do that does not involve going to a store with another adult and buying something for her. Below is a list of ideas that you can help the little ones make or do for their Moms on the one day a year she gets all the adulations she deserves.

10 Mother's Day Presents Kids Five And Under Can Give - Teaspoon Of Goodness

10 Mother’s Day Presents Kids Five And Under Can Give


Help your child make coupons to give to mom that can be redeemed for things such as Going to Bed on Time; Getting Dressed By Myself; Clean Up My Room; No Interrupting; etc. Place in an envelope and give it to Mom, she will surely appreciate them. Remember it does not have to be fancy, it just needs to be made with Love!

Homemade Card

Don’t buy her a card, get some coloured paper and fold it for your child, let them go crazy and decorate it with crayons, stickers, paint, googly eyes. Pick up a few fun crafting decorations from the dollar store, throw all fun stuff in front of child and let them create.

Start Seeds for Summer Plants and Decorate the Pots

Help your child pick out a seed pack for a plant that will grow in your area this summer. Get a plastic pot and let them decorate it with paint. Plant up your seeds and wrap a ribbon around the planter. Mom gets to watch the plant grow all summer.

Homemade Flower Bouquet

This one takes a bit of help from an adult, but it is a nice homemade gift for mom. It involves coloured paper, tape and/or glue. There are so many different designs and options to putting together your Paper Flower Bouquet. Hit up Pinterest or Youtube for some great tutorials and ideas.

Painted Vase

Grab a cheap glass vase from the dollar store and with some of those items crafting items you bought for decorating have your child design Mom a beautiful master piece.  Once done you can go ahead and place the Paper Flower Bouquet you made earlier into Moms amazing new vase.

Mother’s Day Poster

Get some large sheets of paper and set your child up with some paint at the table and tell them to paint a picture of them with their Mommy. It is a keepsake that can be proudly displayed for years in the house.

Painted Rocks

Go for a nature walk with your child and find some nice sized rocks, ones that would fit in Mom’s hand. Have your child paint the rock, and wrap them up for her. It is a great gift that Mom can look at and hold onto for years to come.

Breakfast in Bed

This one is fairly straight forward, and yes an adult would have to cook the breakfast, but your child can help decorate the tray to bring the food up on, or help butter the toast. Mom can stay in bed and when she is eating her breakfast her little ones can cuddle up with her.

Tidying Up Their Rooms

Surprise Mom by having your child tidy their room. It does not have to be spotless or perfect believe me, Mom will love the effort that they put in.

A Walk

It’s Spring and that means warmer weather. If Mother’s day is a nice one in your area this year, plan a walk with your Mom. Get out and enjoy the simplest of things, Nature. Don’t bring your phones, don’t have an agenda, just walk and talk and observe and enjoy the beauty that is Spring.

Remember to enjoy the day remind Mom that she is the most wonderful Mommy in the World.