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5 St Patrick’s Day Activities to do with Boys

Cut out green shamrocks


Can you believe that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner? I love to have fun with my kids when it comes to this holiday, so I’m always trying to be a little creative. Since I have a house full of boys the activities need to be fun and not boring at all. Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day activities to keep in mind when your home is full of boys.

#1. M&M Rainbow

Since my boys are getting older and older I need to find something that will keep their attention. We grab tons and tons of M&M’s from the store and make a huge M&M rainbow. My boys love doing this!

#2. Read Our Favorite Books

We’re a book family and enjoy anything that has to do with St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll spend a good amount of time reading books about leprechauns, rainbows, and gold.

#3. Make Our Favorite Snacks

If there’s one thing we can all agree on in this house it is to eat. We take time on St. Patrick’s Day to make our favorite treats, with a green spin. For example: we’ll use green food coloring on our rice crispy treats just because it’s St. Patty’s Day and we can.

#4. Create 4 Leaf Clover Art

We love to draw and paint around here and our choice of activities for this fun green day is to create 4 leaf clover art. We do a little contest to see who can create the best artwork. We all end up having a ton of fun!

#5. 4 Leaf Clover Hunt

Boys love to be outside, so if there is no snow, we’ll go outside and go on a 4 leaf clover hunt. This is quite the intense hunt and we have found a few genuine lucky clovers over the years.

We hope you enjoy your St. Patty’s Day as much as we enjoy ours. What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s Day activity? I’d love to hear your response in the comments!