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Phone Dump Friday – Modern Day Dust Bowl

Welcome to Phone Dump Friday.¬† I will be “dumping” my phone each Friday (or so I hope!) to give you a closer look into my crazy life with my two boys.

Modern Day Dust Bowl

This time of year brings a lot of wind and storms to the valley. While we are not dealing with horrific storms like those in Oklahoma and other places in our country we have a fair share. Just this week we were blasted with 50 mph winds, winds like this cause serious accidents as the crops are not tall enough to hold the soil down. When the soil is not held down we are left with it blowing across the roads which leads to what I think of as the modern day dust bowl.

Modern Day Dust Bowl

Dirt blows across the roads and as you can see you can barely see across the road, which in my opinion makes it harder than driving in a blizzard. At least blizzards people use their senses or are expecting the conditions to be bad. Most are not expecting the “dirt storm” to be that bad or dangerous.

The winds are causing this normally straight post to lose the fight and bend under the force. The pole continues to hold strong but the loss of power that day tells me another pole  did not.

Modern Day Dust Bowl

So this is my reminder and my ahhh moment all in one post. Winter is not the only time to be cautious of the wind and what it brings.

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  • Dawn

    That post bending is scary! Be safe!