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Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Writers

**I received a copy of Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Writers to facilitate this review. However, this did not influence my review in any way.**

Chicken Soup For The Soul:  Inspiration For Writer's

My Thoughts On Inspiration For Writers

When I received Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Writers in the mail I knew it would be perfect for me. While I blog I don’t actually consider myself a writer, mostly because most of my life I have hated writing. When I started blogging I was on bed rest and looking for something to do with all my time. Blogging of course seemed like the logical choice, the perfect way I could share my thoughts on products, companies, recipes and updates to my mass following (all my family of course). The blog began and I wrote almost daily but never once thought of myself as a writer.

After reading Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Writers I have changed my thought process a little, after all I write on a daily basis so I must call myself something why shouldn’t it be writer. As I move my thought process to writer it truly shows me that I have moved from hobby blogger to make Farmer’s Wife Rambles into my career. One where I pick the hours and can only be mad at the evil boss I call myself.

While reading Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Writers I was able to pick up strategies on how to move past my writers block and more importantly I picked up some time management strategies. This is one of the hardest things for me in pretty much everything I do, I am so easily distracted! When it comes to writing I tend to catch up on my facebook groups and I find another web page or a fellow bloggers page and an hour later I still have not accomplished what I set out to do. I have to set time limits on checking my email and I in-subscribed to a ton of emails because I would get busy seeing what was for sale on daily deal sites like Groupon or GoldStar rather than respond to important emails.

Obviously the time management portion of Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Writers was the most important part to me but that doesn’t mean that one of the other ten sections won’t have more of an impact on you.

Dealing with rejection is a hard one for writers to grasp, which is probably why I have yet to actually submit to anything. I have control at this point but sites like food gawker could really help me out, but I know they reject 10 times what they accept and I am not sure my fragile writing ego could handle that yet.

One day.

With the help of Chicken Soup For The Soul: Inspiration For Writers I am realizing there is more out there for me and it’s time I grab it by the horns and take my chances, see my blog as a career and use my time effectively to grow and expand.

Do you struggle with writing? Have a story to tell and not sure where or how? Struggle with time management like me?




  • Ava Chavez

    I have no idea where to leave a comment for the extra entries, but I love that you are giving this book away…i am a struggling writer & I can use all the help I can get…Fingers crossed!

    • Brandy

      Entries are accepted on the rafflecopter form. You will have to input your name and e-mail address on the form and it will open up all the entries available. Thank you for entering and good luck!

  • Lisa Garrison

    Love your cook with me blog site!