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Pinypon Party & Review – Fun was had!

I had the opportunity to host a Pinypon party earlier today.  Do you know what a Pinypon is?  Yep, I didn’t either.  Now, I am so glad that I had the chance to try these little dollies out.

My girls had so much fun with these dolls.  First, let me tell you…Pinypons are small figurines that you can change out the Hair, Head, Body and Legs.  So you could really create quite a unique Pinypon.   I think this is what they liked most.  The second awesome thing, you can change out the accessories.  They have little holes in their hair and body in different places that you can insert a hair clip or star/heart/butterfly/diamond with a peg.

Once you are done, Have a fashion show.  Show off how you customized your own Pinypon.

Here is what we did for our Pinypon party…

First, I started off with Pink Pinypon Punch (strawberry lemonade).  Then we followed that with some brownies as we played with the figurines.  After we had our Pinypon exactly like we wanted it….we named our figurine and showed it off.

I gave each of the girls their own certificate for participating in the fashion show.

You can find Pinypons at a lot of retailers, including Toys-R-Us and

I received party materials including Pinypon figurines and Caravan for review and party purposes as a participating mommy blogger with MommyParties.  I was under no obligation to post a positive review or host a party.  All opinions are my own.