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Planning A BBQ Is Easy, Just Don’t Forget The Basics

Don’t Miss These Important Factors When Planning A BBQ

Planning A BBQ Checklist

One of the best things about summer is having family barbecues. If your family barbecues are anything like mine you have a wide variety of people attending. Children, teens and adults!

Pleasing everyone isn’t always an easy task. There is nothing worse than having a guest that is bored or doesn’t like what is being served. I’ve put together a checklist to ensure that your barbecue runs as smooth as possible!

1. Plan for the Kids – If kids will be attending your barbecue make sure to have activities that will keep them entertained. Kids get bored easy and when boredom sets in so does trouble! Have outdoor games already planned for the children. Planning activities for the different age groups is always a good idea.

Tip: Water balloons, super soakers, footballs, baseball, homemade sidewalk paint and frisbee’s are just a few of the things you can have ready for the kids. 

2. Have Food Options – Normally when you have a barbecue meat is on the menu. Have a few vegetarian dishes handy for those guests that don’t eat meat. When planning appetizers and side dishes try to have a variety of items. Giving people a few options will make sure all of your guests walk way loving all of the food you provided.

Tip: Make a detailed shopping list to ensure you don’t forget things like charcoal, propane, paper plates condiments and all those other must have barbecue items.

3. Have Drinks! – When planning a party you need to have several drink options. Make sure to have water, juice and adult beverages. There is nothing worse than showing up to a barbecue and only having the option of beer. Your guests will be very happy that you provided them with several options!

Tip: You can ask your guests to bring alcohol if that is something your family doesn’t normally purchase. Just be sure to provide the water, juice, soda and other non-alcohol beverages. 

What do you look for to make a BBQ successful?  Do you like to keep it low key or do you go all out?

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