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5 Fashion Tips for Big and Tall Men

**5 Fashion Tips for Big and Tall Men is a sponsored guest post on behalf of G&L Clothing.**Fashion Tips for Big and Tall Men

When you’re a man whose body decided to think outside the box, you may discover that your fashion needs are slightly different from those of gentlemen who don’t fall into the big and tall category. For you, clothing shopping isn’t just a matter of finding clothing that is the right size. You’ll also want the appropriate cut and fit to suit your height and shape.

The following are some handy fashion tips to make sure that being big and tall doesn’t stop you from being well dressed:

1.     Get to know your personal style:  Find a style that you like and that feels good when you wear it, and then stick to it. You don’t need to change your style as often as you change your socks. Consistency will do a lot for you both in looking good and being able to mix and match your clothing.

2.     Try things on:  It may not be fun to try things on when you’re in the store, particularly when the fitting room isn’t designed for the big and tall gentleman. However, every brand has its own fit. Sizes printed on the labels should be considered only a guideline and not a rule. Try on a few different sizes of the same item to make sure that you’ve found the best one for you. This will help you make sure that its neither too tight nor too baggy―and that the piece is right for you in the first place!

3.     Thrifty isn’t the same as cheap:  Certainly, you’d like to be able to save money when you’re buying your clothing, but you’re not actually getting a deal if you’re buying cheap clothing. It can only be considered a true savings if you spend a bit less on a product that fits great and that is truly well made.

4.     Learn your fit: Get to know your size. Know your lengths and widths and, when you try something on, recognize what it feels like and how it looks when it’s too loose or too tight. Don’t try to find something that is nearly right. Find something that is perfectly right. Without a proper fit, you’ll never look your best.

5.     Find your best brands: One of the best gifts that you can give yourself is the discovery of a whole brand that fits you great and that looks good on you. This type of reliable size consistency is often found in higher quality clothing, but that doesn’t necessary mean expensive. Finding a consistently well fitting brand for you allows you to focus on the style of the clothing when you try an item on, and not need to bring multiple sizes of the same style into the fitting room with you. It will save you a lot of time and frustration when you do need to shop for something new.

Beyond these tips, one of the best strategies that the big and tall man can follow when he’s shopping for clothing is to simply ask. That’s what the store reps are for! Ask if there are additional sizes if they’re not out in the front of the store, and don’t hesitate to ask which item looks better on you!

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  • karissa @withourbest

    Great tips for a big and tall guy. My husband isn’t so, but my brothers are – I will have to recommend this!

  • OurFamilyWorld

    Great tips! My brother is a “big and tall” man. He stands at 6’4″!

  • Susan

    I know, I have to make sure my hubby tries things on all the time!

  • These are great tips, thanks for sharing!

  • Mitch

    Great post for this 240 pound man!
    And you are right, I have seen enough how to dress shows to know you don’t have to look sloppy or hide in your clothes.
    thanks for this!

    • Brandy

      I hear you on shopping for larger sizes. My husband is no small man and I have been working on making him a little less sloppy…sometimes he forgets he has to leave the farm. 🙂