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Popcorners Gives Movie Night Choices

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Popcorners. I did receive a sample to facilitate this review but that did not influence my thoughts.**

It is summer time in Arizona.  If you know anything about Arizona you know that summer is not to be messed with. Last week alone we hit 119 degrees!  That sends most people run screaming to the hills and I don’t blame them.

So what do those of us that are crazy enough to stay here in Phoenix?  There is only really two things to do (when you have kids at least).



and watch movies

We go to the pool at least once a day. As I pack to go to the pool I hear this (please tell me I am not alone!) ” Mommy, we need a snack at the pool, PLEASE!”, “I NEED a snack because we will be SO hungry from swimming” and my all time favorite.. ” we will starve to death if you don’t bring a snack with us to the pool”

In comes Popcorners to save the day!! These snacks are easy to grab and actually have some healthy aspects to it (like whole grain). They taste great! my son LOVES the Sweet Cinnamon ones the best (actually I think they are my favorite too! )


They are light and crispy with JUST the right flavor and on top of all that they are Gluten free!

When we are done with the day and I have run out my their energy, we pop in a movie.  Usually with a bowl of popcorn, as there is a dog, a 5 year old and a hubby all reaching for it at the same time. Popcorn flies everywhere and the dog gets his wish of eating our food, while the child cries and hubby goes to the kitchen to make some more.

Popcorners is SO perfect for this! Each person can pick their own popcorn and it doesn’t spill anywhere! The dog is the disappointed one in this situation, I MUCH rather have it that way ;)!

Popcorncers has 3 new flavors

Memphis BBQ

Twisted Salt

Cinnamon Sugar

They also still have their classic flavors also of Butter, Cheesy Jalapeño, Sea Salt, Carmel, White cheddar, and Kettle.

So there are a ton of flavors to pick from for everybody’s different palette.

Since it is summer everywhere else in the USA, how would you like a snack that is easy no mess and tasty?

See what else I have to say about Popcorners with my first review of their products.




  • Maryann D.

    I like that they are whole grain and easy to eat and delicious.

  • Diana Stanhope

    I love that they are natural and a better snack alternative to chips.

  • Debbie Welchert

    I love that they are all natural and gluten free.

  • Keely Hostetter

    I like that they are gluten free for my son

  • Karen Glatt

    I like that they are Popcorn snacks instead of chips and they are healthier! The flavor I would love to try is the Cinnamon Sugar!

  • Jackie

    I like the flavors available.
    Thank you!

  • Jessica To

    I like the variety of flavors.

  • latanya

    I like that they are gluten free

  • Kelli Wood

    I like them because they are better than eating just plain ole chips!