Insect Coloring Pages Workbook


25-page activity book featuring 25 bug coloring pages. 


25-page printable insect coloring workbook that is perfect for a variety of age groups.  These adorable bug coloring pages are targeted for preschoolers and elementary students.  They work wonders as a learning tool and I like to keep them on hand for when I’m busy working with one of my kids and one of the others is waiting patiently (yeah right!).  

Your students will be learning handwriting, fine motor skills and more with these fun insect coloring pages.  Your 25-page workbook will include a ladybug coloring page, butterfly coloring page, ant coloring page, snail coloring page, cricket coloring page and 20 others.  

Each coloring page will feature the name of the insect to be colored, the insect and handwriting practice for the insects’ name.  



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