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Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps

This recipe was brought to you by my partnership with KC Masterpiece & Datarank. All opinions are my own. 

Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps

Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps
I keep a ton of shredded chicken in my freezer for those emergency dinner nights.  You now the ones where you forgot to slip something in the crock pot before you left the house and are avoiding the drive thru for the 6th night this week.  It’s nights like these that having prepped shredded chicken in the freezer is an extreme help!  I can have chicken enchiladas or these Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps whipped up in no time.  I adore this technique to shred chicken in my Kitchen-Aid by Homemakers Daily.  

My family adores these wraps because they have a crunchy outside with a warm and moist inside.  Plus these Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps are a tad different than the usual pulled chicken sandwich.  

Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps
Yields 12
These Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps are packed with flavor. The family loves them because they have a crunchy outside with a moist and flavorful inside.
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  1. 6 cups shredded chicken
  2. 2 cups KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
  3. Cabbage, spinach or lettuce
  4. Shredded Cheese
  5. 12 Tortillas (medium size)
  6. Olive Oil
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine shredded chicken, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce until well mixed.
  3. Put 1/2 cup shredded BBQ chicken in middle of tortilla add cheese, cabbage and whatever other toppings you would like. (I also like adding black olives to mine).
  4. Wrap like a burrito.
  5. Place Pulled BBQ Chicken Wraps in a baking pan and brush with olive oil.
  6. Bake for 20-25 min flipping halfway through cook time.
  7. Enjoy!
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How do you like your chicken wraps? Have you tried a Pulled BBQ chicken wrap before? What additions do you think would be good in your Pulled BBQ Chicken Wrap?




  • brandy

    love the idea. we love bbq anything lol going to try this with bulls eye bbq sauce.

  • Stefani Tolson

    Sounds like a yummy recipe for me. I love chicken and I love using BBQ sauce.

  • Shelley Zurek

    My Daughter would love this Brandy!

  • Onica {MommyFactor}

    What a great idea an recipe. Some night I just want to make something easy but tasty like this.

  • Debi

    That sounds really good. I like to keep frozen shredded chicken for a quick easy dinner

  • Liz Mays

    I LOVE that BBQ sauce and the crunchy outside sounds really, really good to me!

  • My husband lives for pulled pork! These will be going the recipe list, for sure!

  • brett

    i love pulled meat. it’s my FAVORITE right now!! so good!

  • Emily @ Baby Dickey

    These sound great! And I’ve never stored shredded chicken in my freezer… I don’t know why because that sounds like a fabulous idea! I run into those emergency dinner nights too often 😉

    • Brandy

      Having it frozen pre-shredded makes it easy to have dinner in a hurry. Toss it into tortillas, pasta/sauce or make a quick chicken salad sandwich with it. So many options available!

  • Tammilee T

    This looks fantastic. My Husband would love these for lunch.

  • Amy Desrosiers

    I love pulled BBQ chicken so much!! These looks excellent for quick meal ideas!

    • Brandy

      They taste great and are easy to have on the table in a hurry on busy nights. One of our go to meals for a quick meal.

  • Shauna

    Oh my goodness, talk about something that sounds so simple to make yet sounds so delicious.. will have to try it. Thanks so much

  • Oh my! These look heavenly. I’m a fan of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, but I’ve never tried it quite like this…Will DEFINITELY give this a try! Thanks! 🙂

  • Dawn Lopez

    We’ve canned shredded chicken and shredded venison just for those days when you need something quick, easy, and delicious. I’ll have to mark this recipe down as a must try with our chicken!

    • Tammilee T

      I never thought of canning shredded chicken. That is fantastic

  • Anne

    I love pulled chicken, but never thought to serve it in a wrap. Sounds good!

    • Brandy

      The tortilla makes for a yummy twist on a classic.

  • I tend to make tuna wraps a lot, but I really need to think outside the norm now and then. I’ll be trying this one, thanks!

  • Brittany W

    These sound really good! I would definitely make these on a gluten free tortilla. 🙂

  • anna critchley

    First, these look amazing. Second, I LOVE that you have added in things like cabbage and spinach so we are all getting our greens. But the thing I love the most about this recipe is that I know I will be making it- I know that everyone in my family will eat it, and it’s a rare thing to find a recipe like that. Pulled meats and BBQ sauce seems to go over well with us. Thank you for the recipe!!!

    • Brandy

      Good luck with them Anne and I can’t wait to hear what you put in yours!

  • Mama to 5 BLessings

    Those sound great, love BBQ chicken!

  • Amber Edwards

    Oh those look absolutely amazing! I love BBQ chicken wraps. I love your recipe and how easy it is to make!

  • Scott

    I like the idea of roasting them so they’re crunchy. Add some cheese in there and you’re golden!

  • Ellen Christian

    We love wraps too! It’s a great choice on a busy night. I don’t think I have ever tried BBQ wraps though.

  • Aimee Smith

    Yum! We love bbq sauce and pulled pork at our house! A wrap is a great idea though! Looks really yummy!

  • Stefani Tolson

    This looks really good. I think I might have to try this.

  • Carlee C

    OK that looks really good. I would not think to pulled BBQ items into a Tortilla.

  • nicole dz

    Pulled bbq anything is my favorite. Especially when its cooked in the slow cooker, great recipe the whole family will love.

  • Pam

    KC Masterpiece is my favorite bottled BBQ sauce. This recipe looks delicious.

  • Yum! KC Masterpiece is such a versatile ingredient. Your recipe looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  • kristin

    YUM this looks so good!!!!! I need to make some pulled pork!

  • Candace Corey

    These look delicious! I think I’ll try to make these.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Those sound so good. I love sandwiches like this for lunch. Yum!

  • Linette

    This sounds like a delicious and easy summer meal recipe! I love wraps for weeknight meals, they’re always a hit at our house.

  • Daisy

    I love this recipe! Anything with KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce is always good.

  • There is a restaurant in our town that has pulled chicken wraps so I have tried them there but never made them. These look good! I would add some grilled, carmelized onions!