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Tips to Encourage Heart Healthy Habits In Your Child

Heart health, is it related only to adults or elderly? Certainly no! The modern-day lifestyle today increases the threat of heart risks even in young children and early teenagers. Health disorders such as obesity and heart risks are increasingly found in the present age children because of the unhealthy and extra-sophisticated lifestyle that they are exposed to.

With so many kids spending their free time indoors these days, a simple home garden can do wonders to get the family outside. A family garden teaches responsibility, curiosity, and generosity.

The excessive love towards their children, sometimes, makes parents to give them high comforts which cause serious health hazards for budding kids. Lifestyle modifications and unhealthy eating habits certainly lead to higher cholesterol level and obesity, which might lead to heart problems unless attended at the right stage.

Heart Disorders and Treatment Procedures

Apparently, if you get to know what is the average salary of a heart surgeon, you can easily understand the increased risk of heart disorders in young children and teenagers. The complexity of the procedure and the high-risk threat associated with the heart problems are really scary, that one has to be highly preventative. Leaving the financial burden apart, if a parent thinks about the health risks that a child is going to encounter due to poor heart health, they would certainly ensure the child doesn’t entitle through such unpleasant food and physical habits.

Minimise Screen Time 

Exposing children to continuous and long hours of screen time and overloading with junk snacks throughout the day is not pampering, but risking them to horrible health threats. The more a child moves around and keeps themselves physically active, cholesterol or obesity doesn’t come into their window. Introducing physical fitness games such as exercises, swimming, jogging or such activities to children and making it a routine will certainly help for their overall physical fitness. Sports can also keep the children’s brain active and spontaneous. You can emphasize that sports aren’t only a great, fun way to meet people and to make new friends, but you should also educate your kids about why they need to get their body active.
Physical Activity for Heart Health Making simple changes to your lifestyle will bring in great health results to the heart and the complete body. A basic step to a healthy heart is to engage in an active physical workout for at least 30 to 45 minutes every day. Physically active doesn’t call for excessive, out of the box workouts or gym activities. A mere walking or jogging, active exercises such as swimming, cycling, skipping can yield the same healthy results. When it comes to kids’ health, there are several doubts and worries that pop up in parents’ mind. That’s quite natural! However, this physical activity of about 30 minutes a day is absolutely safe, and there needs to be no second thought to it.

Healthy Diet and Healthy Heart

Eating healthy starts right from the choice of food, to the quantity, its quality and your routine. Generally, it is said that avoid carbohydrates and fats for a healthy heart, but it all depends on your lifestyle. A physically fit and active person who can burn the calories every day that they consume for the day can happily eat whatever they like.

Strictly avoiding fizzy drinks and aerated beverages have no exception. Limiting sugar and unhealthy fats will give your heart a long and enduring life. One final secret to a healthy heart and healthy life is to love your life!