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Slow Leap To Pinterest

Well readers I am taking the plunge.  The plunge of taking an active part in Pinterest.  I have avoided it like the plague because I knew I didn’t have the time everyday to get lost in what I could make.  Plus my husband says the pocket book can’t handle more daydreaming.  Alas I have made the leap and am fully submerged within Pinterest now.  Oh the hours spent looking and dreaming.  My kids will be fine just eating chicken nuggets for every meal right?  They don’t really need balanced meals that will take me away from Pinterest?

Ok that might be a big extreme but half true for all new Pinterest users…You know you did the same thing when you first started.  My problem has become the actual making of boards.  How many do you have?  How do I know which boards to make?  I made some and pinned and then found I needed to expand and make the category broader.  Them some are to broad and so I make new ones.  Now I am not real sure where I should pin those cookies.  Do I pin them on the Valentine’s board or do I put them in cookies?  Dessert recipes?  Ugg or things for a birthday party.  This is my problem, am I to scatter brained for Pinterest?  Or maybe to OCD of having pinned where it can be easy to be found.

Who is with me in taking the slow leap to Pinterest because you knew you would be wasting more time there than you really should?  Also what categories do you have and how have you broken them down?  At what point do you break out into a new category?  Lastly, how do you choose who you want to follow?  I don’t want to ignore those who have really good pins but if I am only seeing theirs because I follow them I might miss out on something else by somebody else that I could fall in love with.  Ugg I really feel like an addict and I can’t keep my thoughts straight about Pinterest.  HELP!?




  • Pattie

    Welcome! Hope you have a Pintastic time 😀 It’s very…very addicting..yet you feel someone productive and least you appear to be lol ..and my To-Do..or I must try, or I want lists just keeps growing!

  • Tanya Phillips

    And get lost you shall, lol! There is so much, food, crafts, DIY, oh my! I have 28 boards right now such as DIY, recipes to try, outdoor ideas,cute Christmas food ideas, Halloween foods and decor, even cool fingernail painting ideas. Just know that whenever you go to pinterest it automatically takes you to the pins of those that you follow. You have to hit Everything or Categories, or something to see all of the other stuff, lots of stuff! If I see lots of goodies on someone’s board, I will follow that board, or if all of their stuff looks cool, I’ll follow all. Make as many as you need or whatever categories, have fun! 😀

    • Brandy

      Thanks! I am loving it. My weekly shopping list is growing 🙂