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The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

About The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

How much money would it take for you to betray the truth?

Ex-homicide detective Ray Quinn never had glamorous thoughts of the life of a private investigator—but being cornered in a bathroom stall by the enraged philandering husband of a client? That’s something he could live without. Retired from homicide and living with a painful disability, Ray’s options are limited. Stick to the job, keep impetuous sidekick Crevis alive, and spend quiet evenings with trusted pal Jim Beam, that’s about the best he can hope for.

As a new client emerges, Ray finds himself in an impossibly large boardroom holding a check with enough zeros to finally lift him from his financial pit. The job seems easy enough: find Logan Ramsey, an ex-cop turned security officer who’s taken off with sensitive corporate information. But few things are easy in Ray’s world, regardless of the amount of zeros in the check.

In what should be an open-and-shut case, Ray stumbles across Logan Ramsey in a seedy motel room. Only Ray wasn’t the first to find him. Now Logan’s dead, the client’s information is nowhere to be found, and Ray’s employer is less than forthcoming with the details. Suddenly the line between the good guys and bad guys isn’t so clear. With a foot in both worlds and an illuminating look at an unhappy ending that could well be his own, which will Ray choose?

My Thoughts On The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

I read The Corruptible without having read the first one and as always that raises some concerns from the start. Will I know what is going on? Will I be able to follow what is happening? I had no problem catching up with the story from the get go. The Corruptible is clearly written by someone who has had time in on the force or has done some extensive research into the subject matter.

With the extensive knowledge/research of Mark’s writings it made for a nice and thrilling read. I can’t wait to read the first in this series. I started this book with the intent of actually having a leisurely read and taking several days if not a week to finish this book while I was waiting to pick up my son from pre-school but that didn’t’ happen. I was drawn in quickly and couldn’t put it down till the last page.

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**I received a copy of The Corruptible for review.  This did not however affect my opinion and the above thoughts are my own. **