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The Many Benefits of Baking With Kids

Kids will start to show an interest in helping with basic skills in the house as they start to figure out who they are and how the world works around them. Kids as young as two years old may start to ask if they can help bake something with you in the kitchen. You’ll see through recipes like cake mix cookies that I’m a big fan of getting the kids into the kitchen early.  While it’s easier for a parent to say no to baking with kids, as it can be quite a messy situation, the reality is that it’s rather beneficial to start baking with kids at a young age.

Showing kids how to bake

Is Baking a Fine Motor Skill

The short answer to the popular question about whether or not baking with kids is a fine motor skill activity is yes. Baking provides kids with a chance to use a spoon to stir ingredients, a measuring cup to pour ingredients into and other chances to help build those fine motor skills as they start baking with you in the kitchen. Baking with kids is a fun way to help your kids build their fine motor skills, no matter how young or old they are.

Why is Baking Good for Kids

Baking provides many benefits for kids, that’s why I wanted to take a moment to feature my top favorite benefits of enjoying this activity with your kids.

Teaches Math Skills

3 kids baking in the kitchen with a red bowl and blue measuring cups.

It’s quite obvious that measuring ingredients is using math, but kids don’t always realize this. That’s why it’s good to bake with kids to help them learn fractions and other math skills as they learn to measure ingredients and mix them together to make a whole final product.

Teaches Science Skills

Mixing various ingredients together to make a final product is a chance for kids to learn some basic science skills. This process of mixing together various ingredients to make something is actually more like a chemistry project, with delicious results.

Develops Comprehension Skills

Reading instructions and ingredients list helps your kids develop good comprehension skills. Baking with kids will require your kids to mix specific ingredients together in a particular order in order as well as follow the instructions on how to get the baked goods ready to bake.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Being able to make something and then taste a final baked good helps boost self-esteem in kids as they feel more accomplished after baking something delicious for their family. While your kids work to master their baking skills they’ll soon start to feel more confident as they excel in this skill.

Quality Family Time

Father baking with his son in the kitchen

Baking with kids allows kids to enjoy some quality time with you with minimal rules. While you do have to set some safety rules in place when using kitchen gadgets, the overall process of baking with kids is a fun experience and can create some magical memories of laughter and fun.

How Does Baking Help Child Development

Baking with kids helps your child with social-emotional development. Most hands-on activities help your child develop confidence and pride in their ability to make something. Baking is something that your kids can slowly grow their skills and talent with. You might start by teaching your kids to bake a simple cupcake, or brownie mix while you work them towards making homemade bread or harder item that requires good baking skills. This process will help your child’s social-emotional development thrive as they start to get older and use that confidence in other areas of their life.

Baking is Good Life Skill

Last, but not least, baking is good for kids because it teaches them a necessary life skill. As you continue to bake with kids, they’ll start to develop good baking habits so that they’re able to provide food for themselves during the adult years. This is an important life skill that every kid needs to learn before they leave the nest that they call home for 18 or more years.

Young child adding coconut to the top of cupcakes.

I know that you’re probably reluctant to start baking with kids, but I hope this list of the benefits of baking with kids has helped inspired you to get in the kitchen and start whipping up a delicious treat with those kids of yours soon. There are many benefits both educational and fun when it comes to baking with kids. As you can see this is a fun way to enjoy time together all the while helping your kids learn math, science, and a necessary life skill.