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Phone Dump Friday – The West Fork Fire June 2013

Welcome to Phone Dump Friday.  I will be “dumping” my phone each Friday (or so I hope!) to give you a closer look into my crazy life with my two boys.

This month has been a rough one for fires on the Colorado frontier.  Every night as I watch the news I wonder if there is going to be much left of the Colorado forest by the time winter comes.  The West Fork Fire was started by lightening and is quickly taking over the forest near me, a forest that I spent last weekend 4-wheeling in.

The West Fork Fire is burning less than 60 miles from me and the pictures below are taken from various locations around my town and neighboring towns.  The fire does make for the most amazing sunsets that we have been all in awe of, but at the same time it’s very sad knowing that the forests we love are quickly disappearing.

The West Fork Fire June 2013

West Fork Fire June 2013

Taken in Del Norte, CO

West Fork Fire June 2013

My Father In Law Took This From The Field In Our Backyard

Sunset During The West Fork Fire June 2013

Photo taken by Beth at sunset on 6-19-13

West Fork Fire June 2013

Photographer unknown.

West Fork Fire June 2013

West Fork Fire June 2013 taken by a dear friend and neighbor Anna.

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  • Amanda

    These pictures are incredible!

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