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Tip Tuesday: Pesky Pet Hair

Welcome to Tip Tuesday!  Where I plan on sharing a new tip with you each week.  Something that will save a little time and generally is done on the cheap!

Calling all animal lovers!  Love your black pants and your furry friend?  We own a predominantly white dog.  Which means white hair, a lot of it!  I own a lint roller but it’s not the most user friendly to be honest and it attracts more than just dog hair.  One time it fell over in my cupboard and stuck so bad it actually took off the paper the protective coating that was covering the wood!

This sent me on the hunt for a new way to remove the hair from my clothes.  Hello rubber gloves!  I noticed that my cleaning rubber gloves constantly had my hair wrapped around them (yuck right?) and I thought why wouldn’t that work to keep Bo’s hair off me.  They are sticky in their own right and cheap around $1.00.  They can be thrown in the washer after each using and a short stint in the dryer won’t melt them.  60 minutes might be to much but 20 minutes doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

Looking for more tips to make life easier?  Tuesday Tips is a great place to find them and my Top Five often contains a couple.




  • jenny at dapperhouse

    Super interesting! I am going to get some from the dollar store and try this out! THANKS!!!!

  • Kat H.

    I will have to try this. I have two black cats. Thank you for sharing.

  • Bridget A

    Great tips, I’ll have to remember this!

  • Liz at Must Have Gifts

    This is a great tip – I actually bought a rubber sponge to deal with our cat’s hair, which does the same job as rubber gloves would so I wish I’d thought of this first! Although I think putting them in the washer and dryer is a little extreme – surely just washing them under the tap and allowing them to air dry would suffice?! 🙂

    • Brandy

      Your probably right that the washer might be a bit much. I think it is just second nature to throw everything in the washer with my two little boys. Tap water would be much quicker :).

  • Jeff Rivera

    This is a great idea, Brandy! I love the thought of Tip Tuesday and this tip is especially proactive for all dog owners! I have had my fair share of battles with the lint roller too and you are absolutely right, it sticks to everything but what you want it to pick up sometimes!
    However, I would have never known such a simple solution lay right in with my cleaning supplies. It makes a lot of sense, but I would have never thought to use rubber gloves to remove dog hair. That was quite ingenious.
    I also liked the tip about throwing them in the washing machine and then putting them in the dryer. That is also very helpful, because otherwise, and I am sure I am not alone in saying, I would have thrown the gloves away. Who knew you could get so much help and reuse out of a dollar item?
    I am looking forward to more Tuesday Tips! Thank you for sharing!

    Jeff Rivera