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No Babysitters By Choice??

I was talking to my brother in law while he was in town for Christmas and he mentioned that one of  his co-workers doesn’t believe in babysitters.  Their daughter is 4 and has never been with a sitter.




The father works nights and the mother works days and they attend all social functions separately.  I understand not just dropping your child off constantly and having some one else “raise them”, but never?  As a couple how do you grow?  I know growing as a family makes you stronger but as a couple you need to grow as well.  That means a date night once in awhile or spending time with other adults as a couple is important.  Once in awhile right?  Especially since they are not getting the time together in the evenings alone either.

My husband’s family didn’t have them often either, even staying with the grandparents was a rarity as his parents felt that they had the kids and they should be raising them.  Me on the other hand I spent every other weekend with a grandparent.  It really helped me grow close with them and I wouldn’t change that aspect.  I hope that my boys have the same opportunities.

I must admit that our boys don’t spend a lot of time with a sitter.  We don’t have many sitter at our disposal…they are just not willing to drive 30 miles for two hours worth of work, and those that do we pay a pretty penny for it.  Even though our kids have not spent a lot of time with sitters I still believe strongly that they need to have them once in awhile.  It helps you grow as a couple and it helps your children grow.  They need to learn to be away from mommy or daddy so the first day of pre-school/kindergarten comes around and you can’t leave them.  Break the stranger/danger appeal as long as they know that mommy and daddy approve.

Phew raising kids is tough work and anybody who says differently is lying.  I am far from an “expert” and each family has their own way.  That is obvious!  The thought of never leaving my kiddos with a sitter really struck me though.  I found it impossible and wondered if I was the only one.

Has your kiddo ever been left with a sitter?  Don’t believe in them?




  • Angel Gonzales

    I have 9 and 5 year old kids and i have a job so most of the time, there is really a need for my husband and i to hire a babysitter. Yes i do believe couples have to spend time for each other and getting a babysitter would really be useful.