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Tips For Surviving On Thanksgiving Day

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We all love Thanksgiving Day. All family and friends gather together, everywhere is felt warmth and comfort. But what we have to go through in the days before Thanksgiving Day and what we have to do to arrange a cozy family holiday? For most people, every Thanksgiving day is like a small end of the world: buy it, cook it, clear it, bake this, broil that. In the end, more often instead of gratitude, we get stress and nervous breakdown. That is why better be prepared for Thanksgiving Day.

1. Divide the responsibilities

The easiest way to reduce your load is to divide responsibilities among your friends and relatives. Let someone bring a salad, drinks or dessert. The real art of organizing something consists in the ability to organize others. Besides, no one can refuse to participate in preparing a joint celebration.

2. Do not seek to prepare everything by yourself

Consider buying  ready-made meals. For example, the preparation of the tasty and beautiful dessert often takes a lot of time. In order not to waste time and hassle, you can buy ready-made dessert at the local bakery or pastry shop.

3. Prepare all products in advance

Before Thanksgiving, all the supermarkets and shops turns into a real jungle. Everyone is trying to buy the last turkey, quickly get to the cashier or take the last fresh dessert. Try to buy all the necessary ingredients for your Thanksgiving table in advance to avoid the holiday rush in the food stores.

4. Allergies and diets

Before drawing up the holiday menu, do not forget to ask your guests about possible allergies and individual diets.

5. Plan your holiday table

Count how many people will be at the dinner, make sure you have enough plates, glasses, forks, and other utensils. Also it would be very unpleasant if someone will not have the place to sit.

6. Invite your guests early

We are all humans, and the human factor has not been canceled. You always have to make allowances for the fact that someone would be late.

7. Thaw the turkey ahead of time

Take care to prepare the turkey in time. Always unfreeze turkey slowly, in the refrigerator, and not at room temperature.

Defrost time depends on the size of the bird. Turkey weighing 10 pounds will be thawed for 3 days.

8. Think about the children

If the guests will come with kids, then you should think about activities for children. It can be games, coloring, cartoons. You can also place the children at a separate table.

9. Cheat a little

If you absolutely do not have time to cook dinner for Thanksgiving, then you can cheat a little. Many restaurants and grocery stores offer ready-made meals for Thanksgiving. All you need is just warm them up before the arrival of guests.

10. Cook the vegetables in advance

To save time on cooking, you can prepare vegetables on the day before Thanksgiving. Believe me, in advance peeled potatoes and chopped vegetables for a salad will save you time and nerves.

I hope these few tips will help you survive the Thanksgiving Day without casualties.

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