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Unique & Easy DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas

DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the festival which is all about spending quality time with friends, family and giving gifts to make people feel special and have a memorable time. The decoration part is one of the important things that needs to be paid attention to as helps in creating magic on this occasion and lasts the spirit of the festival for a longer time. The long awaited Christmas celebration is no more far from us now. Most of you might have even started with your preparations for this special occasion.

If you desire to make a fabulous and memorable Christmas for your friends and family, you need to try something new and different from the past years. A variety of arrangements are required to be done including home decorations, preparation of traditional cuisines, outdoor decorations, traditional costumes, Christmas gifts for your guests and likewise. All these arrangements utilize high expenses in order to make them available at your home.

However, this year you can make your own DIY Christmas decorations for your Christmas celebrations. This specific idea can give you a chance to make your Christmas special and less expensive to have a wonderful and stress free celebration along with your family. The concept of doing it all on your own or do it yourself (DIY) can be implemented through variety of tasks related to the Christmas such as, decoration of the dinning table, outdoor decoration of your house including garlands, making unique gifting crafts or tags and many more. You also get a chance to show the creative side of your personality by choosing the DIY ideas and can actually feel happy within yourself after providing a classy and beautiful look to your house.

Unique And Easy DIY  Christmas Decorations

There are number of tasks related to your Christmas decoration which can be done by utilizing some DIY ideas. Some of the crucial ideas are:

  • This time you can make your simple Christmas decoration a special and beautiful one by implementing some easy ideas like wrapping simple candles with colorful ribbons. In order to provide a pretty and festive look to all your decorated candles, the choice of all traditional colors such as, red, green, golden and silver etc., can greatly add on value to your entire decoration. It is to be noted that Christmas decorations are based upon the traditions followed in this festival.
  • If your hosting an adult Christmas party, then you must try to use stars and bells for decorating the venue. On the other hand, if it is a children’s party, then you can go for child loving prints such as, snowmen and candy canes print on the table cloth which provide a perfect look to the celebration.
  • As you know gifting tradition is one crucial part of the overall Christmas celebration. Therefore, this time you can make your personalized gifts special by adding some handmade gift tags with your gifts.
  • Some self painted pine cones can also be utilized to decorate your rooms and give a colorful and festive touch to your living room without spending much money on it.
  • You can also do your outdoor decoration in terms of embellishing your garlands with freshly cut green branches. At the same time, you can also prepare a handmade showpiece for your entrance door by using fresh flowers and berry sprigs or pine cones.
  • You may also experiment with placing vase on the table. You can think of combining two vases together and fill them with colorful candies of different flavors. This easy idea can successfully make your child’s Christmas a fun and enjoyable occasion with friends.
  • Most importantly, you must look around at your house to find out some interesting and useless stuffs. For example, empty boxes can be wrapped with colorful and bright papers and can be used to decorate your living area. Old stockings can be stitched together and can be made even more attractive and beautiful by making designs on it with the help of fabric colors.

There are a number of decoration ideas for your Christmas, which can be implemented at your home as all methods are easy and unique in its own way as mentioned above.




  • custombetty57

    Last Christmas my best friend gave me a really nice wooden Christmas ornament. It had my name and a picture of a reindeer engraved on it. It was super cool and I found out that a firm out in Colorado called Unique Custom Products made it. I am considering ordering from them this year…check them out if you like wooden items

  • Love these photos and the great tips Brandy. I used to go to Lowes and get trimmings from the Christmas trees that they were throwing away and use them to make wreaths, floral arrangements and swags. One year I wrapped all my presents in brown craft paper and used red plaid gingham fabric torn into ribbon with the greenery as toppers. I’d add a rusty bell, miniature ornament or tiny pincones glued or tied to the greenery.

    Thank you for the Friends giveaway. I just email you.
    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  • Melanie Montgomery

    I love that red and white table setting!