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How To Make A Fleece Scarf With No Sewing

Do you love all things football? If so, this no sew football fleece scarf if the perfect craft. You can make your own no sew football fleece scarf in just minutes, and you don’t even need to start up the sewing machine! The perfect craft for kids and adults, this no sew football fleece scarf is sure to keep you warm and festive. Here is how you can get started.

How To Make A Fleece Scarf With No Sewing

How To Make A Fleece Scarf With No Sewing

No Sew Football Fleece Scarf
  • 1 yard of fleece football themed fabric. (Or, use brown and green fleece)
  • Sharp scissors
  • That’s it! When is the last time you created something with just two supplies? I found the fleece used here at Hobby Lobby for around $8 a yard. Use your 40% off digital or paper coupon (issuedweekly) and you can score this fabric for around $5 a yard. Often times, the fleece is on sale for up to 50% off, so if you catch a deal like that be sure to take advantage of it.
  1. Fold your length of fabric in half long ways. Press your hand along the fold to create a crease.
  2. Using sharp scissors, cut along the crease so you have two equal halves of material.
  3. Keeping the materials (print sound facing outward) stacked, cut 2 inch long strips, about an inch wide each, up and down the length of the fabric. Try to keep your strips as even and equal as possible.
  4. Once the entire piece has been cut into strips, begin tying the strips. Make a double knot with each, using the two strips that run parallel to each other.
  5. As soon as all of the strips are tied, your scarf is ready to enjoy!

Your no sew football fleece scarf will be warm, toasty, and reflect your love of the game. You can make one as you see here, or try one in your team colors. Either way, it is an easy and super frugal craft perfect for enjoying during the chilly winter months. Gather your fleece and give it a try!  

How To Make A Fleece Scarf With No Sewing

Of course you can guess by now that it’s limited to just football season either.  I mean yes it’s perfect for the football lover in your house but this is such a frugal and easy gift!

What team are you rooting for?  Did your team make it to the Super Bowl?


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