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Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Pop Up Book Review!

I am a pop up book fanatic. I mean really who doesn’t love a book that is interactive as you read it? I have to say that A Christmas Carol Pop Up Book by Chuck Fisher is AMAZING!

The words are not listed on the actual page. Instead on every page you will find a pocket that contains the story about what that particular pop up page is about. For example the first page you open up to is the city streets with Scrooge and Marley’s office. Tucked in behind the pop up you will find the a mini handbook of The Life Of Charles Dickens.

You go onto get the following stories…
-Marley’s Ghost
-The First of the Three Spirits
– The Second of the Three Spirits
-The Last of the Three Spirits
-The End Of It

I am completely in love with this pop up book and the uniqueness of it. My mom’s favorite holiday is Christmas becaue of the family aspect of it. I will be sending her this book (and buying my own) so that she can share this book with her grandkids for years to come. I can see this book becoming part of a family tradition at my mom’s, I know it will be at my house!

Buy It
Go HERE to purchase your Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Pop-up Book and watch a detailed video of the wonderful pages included!

**I was provided a copy for review purposes.  This did not affect my review and the above opinions are 100% my own.**




  • Frances

    This is beautiful! A Christmas Carol is my hubby's favorite Christmas story. I think he would love to read this with our grandsons. I am on my way to look for it. Thanks!