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Kid Friendly Valentine Date Ideas

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, those of us with kids wonder what will become of the day. Typically, most sitters are booked. If you are going to spend Valentine’s Day with your kids make it count. This can be a fun holiday that they are able to remember and have fond memories of.

Kid Friendly Valentine Date Ideas

Check out these kid friendly Valentine Date Ideas.

#1. Go See a Movie

If there’s one thing to do on Valentine’s Day it is to go see a movie. Be prepared because a lot of couples have the same idea in mind. However, you’re more likely to see a kid’s movie than they are!

#2. Mini Golfing

Is there an indoor mini golfing range near you? If so, this is a must-do over Valentine’s Day with your kids. It’s something they will love and that you will enjoy watching them do!

#3. Make Crafts at Home

No one says you HAVE to go somewhere for Valentine’s Day! Stay at home and make crafts with your kids. Have fun taking pictures of your creations and just enjoying yourselves. Take the time to make your favorite snacks and watch your favorite movies.

#4. Invite Friends Over

If your family knows another family who won’t be doing anything for Valentine’s Day, invite them over! You can celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway you would like, no one says there has to be any specific rules.

#5. Go Bowling

Yes! This is one of our favorite activities to do. Bowling is just a fun way to break up the monotony of the movies or going out to eat on Valentine’s Day! I’ve also noticed that bowling is a great family activity for everyone. Whether your family members are little or big, everyone enjoys rolling a ball!

What are some of your best kid friendly Valentine Date Ideas? I’d love to hear all about them.