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The Jungle Book: Rumble In The Jungle Makes Movie Night Perfect

My cousin was recently telling me how when her husband is out of town she makes one night a special movie night with her daughter. I told her there was no way my boys would even consider sitting still for a movie night but I figured I would give it a try. I mean what did I have to lose? 15 minutes into getting the movie turned on they would lose interest and play with their trucks on the floor and I would get to watch a movie and eat popcorn. Sign me up I am willing to give it a try.

Cory left for Vegas yesterday and I just happened to have recently received The Jungle Book: Rumble in the Jungle to watch. The kids love the original Jungle Book and I love the Bare Necessities singing that is incorporated into the Jungle Book series. Filled with good messages and getting my kids secretly addicted to sing-a-longs. My secret addiction really and maybe I can get my boys hooked on them so we can have some awful singing days together. I can already tell they both have better singing voices than I do so I just have to get them to drowned me out.

Shere Kahn is up to his normal not so scary self of trying to make the jungle animals his next meal as he gets fed up listening to Mowgli and Mani making drums out of all the logs in the jungle. Shere Kahn is determined to put a stop to the noise.

Laughs can be heard from miles away as my boys sat entranced with Shere Kahns silly antics and how Mowgli and Mani put a stop to each of them. With hilarious new antics by these long time cast members and a few new ones your kids will be cracking up and adults can relate to the original with many of the same cast members.

For your next movie night I encourage you to grab your copy of The Jungle Book: Rumble in the Jungle available exclusively at Walmart (until May when it will be available nation wide) with action figures included for $14.87. Your exclusive copy of this action packed feature length movie will be available exclusively at Walmart stores in the U.S. and features a downloadable activity kit, slide show and exclusive, collectible Mowgli and Baloo figurines for continuing The Jungle Book fun after the DVD player is off.

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**I received a copy of The Jungle Book: Rumble in the Jungle for the purpose of this review.  This however did not influence my thoughts or opinion in any way.**