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Top Five: Five Cleaning Tips in Five Minutes

Keeping a clean house is tough to do.  For just about anyone.  I know some are fanatics and find it easy but I STRUGGLE!  I hate cleaning my house but love the look of a clean house.  I love to be five minutes away from company ready as well.  I try to do a five minute cleaning up several times a day.  If I can break it into five minute chunks I am more likely to actually get it done.  Let’s face it anyone with kids knows that your cleaning while they are destroying.  Knowing I only spent five minutes on a project doesn’t bring me down as much when it is trashed ten minutes later.

Make Your Bed

It is amazing how easy a made bed can freshen up the room. We don’t put a ton of effort into this daily but we do try to throw the covers back over the top and then once every two weeks we actually make it hotel style.

Scrubbing Wipes

I keep a tub of scrubbing wipes in my bathroom at all times and take one daily to each bathroom. I have two little boys to keep picked up after and it takes seconds. I use one wipe to scrub off the morning toothpaste from the sink and then take it to do a runaround the toilet. Done in two minutes and into the trash it goes. It is sanitized and ready for our next potty training daily session.

Clean Floors

Hit the floor with a broom or swiffer type mop. My kids are messy in the kitchen and I don’t like to wear shoes in the house. Is there really anything worse than stepping on a leftover piece of dinner in the dark? It takes seconds ok maybe two minutes to take a broom to the floor while the kids are taking a shower.

Clean Microwave

Stuck on food in the microwave? Wet a dish rag down and pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. The steam from the wet rag will help moisten everything really good and it should all wipe right off. But be careful the rag will be HOT!

Basket Race

My biggest tip is an oldie but a goodie.  We have a basket for everyone in the house.  At at the end of the night we have a mad dash through the house with our baskets and everyone has to pick up ten things that is theirs and not in it’s place.  Then those ten things get put in their place.  For us this isn’t hard as we have a 2 & 4 years old in the house.  Toys are simple to pick up and dump in their toy bins in their rooms.  No toys on the floor = a cleaner house.    This usually takes less than five minutes to get this all in place and finished.

The five tips above are just a few that I use in my house.  I would love to here what your cleaning tips are.  What can you accomplish in five minutes?  Do you prefer five minute chunks of time or just go all in for an hour and have it over with?