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Free Printable A-Z Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

Teaching kids to learn how to write their ABC’s is another important part of homeschooling. Many parents will start to teach their kids the ABC’s long before they enter a public school or homeschool curriculum. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite ABC picture books and A-Z alphabet tracing worksheets as a means to help you get clever while teaching your kids to write their ABC’s.

Why Use A-Z Alphabet Worksheets for Homeschooling

Using ABC Tracing Worksheets is a fantastic way to get your child used to the shapes and curves of letters. While your child may not be ready to free write, they can easily learn to trace each letter of the alphabet as you help them say what each letter is.

Tracing the ABC’s helps your child connect the curves and lines for each letter. Even an older child who struggles with writing may benefit from ABC Tracing Worksheets as a means to reduce the stress involved with learning to write. As your child traces the ABC’s using these worksheets they’ll start to gain more confidence in learning how to write.

The Benefits of ABC Tracing Worksheets

Teaches Pencil Holding

Using ABC Tracing Worksheets will help teach your child how to hold their pencil properly as they work to develop the appropriate skills to free write the alphabet and other words they’ll need to learn along the path of homeschooling.

Encourages Writing

For any child who struggles with writing the ABC’s on their home, using tracing worksheets alleviates the pressure involved in trying to master the shapes and free handwriting of letters. A child is more encouraged to write when they are able to start by tracing and go free hand when ready.

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets with the letter M and Mustache

Helps with Memorizing

Tracing ABC’s using these tracing worksheets is a great way to help your child memorize the alphabet and shapes of each letter. Memorizing the letters and what each of them looks like help encourage your child to remember what each letter looks like and how to write them when the child is ready to write on their own.

Teaching your child how to write using ABC Tracing Worksheets is an easier way to encourage confidence with writing skills. These worksheets take out the stress and pressure in trying to remember what each letter looks like. Your child will be able to start writing on their own as soon as they’ve mastered the ABC Tracing Worksheets and feel confident in free handwriting.

Our Favorite ABC Picture Books

The cover of The Very Hungry Catepillar ABC board book.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar ABC

A is for Alternator

Eating the Alphabet

Pinkalicious ABC

The Pajama Zoo Parade

ABC’s for Boys (not just for boys!)

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

Alphabet tracing worksheet with the letter H and a hedgehog on it.

Click the pictures above or the links below to start your free abc worksheets download.

Printable A-Z Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

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