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Free Blank Doodle Notebooking Pages

Notebooking pages has become a HUGE part of our homeschooling day.  We start with our reading of a variety of subjects, retelling of the story and then the boys will head off to journal.  My oldest still struggles with forming complete sentences for his writing so as he retells the story, I write the sentences on the border, this allows him to just be able to copy to sentences.  This makes sure that he gets the punctuation and spelling right as he struggles terribly with this still.

Learning new ways to make homeschool work for each of your kids is a challenge for some parents. While you do know your child best, sometimes it takes a little while to really master each child’s best way to learn. I’ve started using notebooking as a means to help my kids retell a story or work their ideas out after we read something.

Picture of the free doodle border notebooking pages with a box in the left hand corner.

Homeschool notebooking has been really helpful to get my kids to express their thoughts about something we’ve read or studied recently. I love that I’m able to print this doodle border blank notebooking pages as a means to provide my kids with a way to jot down their thoughts or complete a homeschool writing assignment with ease.

What is the difference between Homeschool Notebooking and Journaling?

There really isn’t a huge difference between homeschool notebooking and homeschool journaling. With homeschool journaling, many parents prefer to use a bound notebook where kids can jot their ideas, notes and other homeschool required items into a bound pad of paper.

Often times homeschool notebooking is done with printables, such as my doodle border blank notebooking page shared here today. The parents print this notebook printable out, punch it with a three-hole puncher and place it within a binder for record keeping and review.

The Benefits of Homeschool Notebooking

More Freedom

Using notebooking for your homeschool curriculum allows kids to have more say in their choice of learning. They’re able to pick a notebooking printable for their daily requirements and write however they feel for an assignment. Notebooking encourages more freedom in learning style as well as expressing their thoughts for each assignment at their own pace and in their own way.Picture of the free doodle border notebooking pages with a box in the center.

Choices and Style

When it comes to homeschool notebooking, every parent and child is different. Using homeschooling notebooking for your homeschool curriculum allows you to have choices and style options for each kid as well as each assignment. You can use homeschool notebooking for any subject and it really helps to encourage your kids to work on learning as well as writing skills.

Endless Options

You can use homeschool notebooking for any subject and use it to keep track of anything. You can easily find online printables for use with your homeschool notebooking needs. I personally love using this doodle border blank notebooking printable because there are so many ways I can use it to benefit each of my children’s learning styles. I can also use this notebooking paper for any subject as a means to encourage my children to do their homeschool work without stress.

Doodle Border Blank Notebooking Pages

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Free Blank Notebooking Pages with Doodle Border

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**I hope you enjoy these free doodle border journaling pages for your own household or kids and their learning. As with all printables on the internet I encourage you to use these blank doodle border activity pages for your own household or learning purposes. Share this page with others even, but please don’t use my work to make money.**