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Free Pretend Play Kids Shopping List Printable

Free Pretend Play Kids Shopping List Printable

Kids Shopping List

Do you dread going to the grocery store with little ones as much as I do?  It’s actually a joke among friends and I about how little I can be found with my kids in the grocery store.  I even had one lady tell me jokingly that she thought I had lied about having kids because I never have them with me in public.  Now that we have pulled Corbin out of daycare though that has all changed.  I have had to take him with me almost every time and it’s been a change for us both!

I have had this pretend play kids shopping list made up and I am hoping that it makes the grocery store that much more enjoyable for the both of us.  Corbin gets his own list to help me shop with and I can rest assured that he knows we need milk and eggs and can help add them to the grocery cart.  Almost a win win situation as long as the eggs make it in the cart safe.

Not only can this pretend play kids shopping list help make grocery shopping a little simpler (or crazier, I have yet to decide) it makes for a great addition to your child’s pretend play time.  As usual I will laminate a few of these pretend play kids shopping lists for my kids to play house with.

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Pretend Play Kids Shopping List

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