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Easily Dehydrate Parsley To Enjoy Year Round

Dehydrated Parsley

Why Dehydrate Parsley Parsley is a great addition to just about any meal but keeping it on hand is not always the most convenient thing. If your like me you have tried to grow it in your window garden and became a total failure because you couldn't use it all so you gave up. After all a little goes a looong way. It was to hard for me to waste it all so I just let my plants die...what turned out to be a very slow death for them. Fast forward two years later and I am working my dehydrator to the … [Read more...]

Dehydrate Rhubarb Instead Of Wasting Your Surplus

Dehydrate Rhubarb

Not sure what to do with all of that extra rhubarb from your garden? It’s hard to use a lot of rhubarb at once, but you can’t throw this delicious food away.  Instead of wasting it make up as much Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam as you can possibly use or give away as gifts, dehydrate it. Why Dehydrate Rhubarb Dehydrating rhubarb is an easy solution to your extra rhubarb problem. If you dehydrate your rhubarb and store it in an airtight container, such as a mason jar, it will last … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Dehydrated Onions

Dehydrated Onions

What are you planning on doing with all of those onions in your pantry? Have you ever thought about dehydrating them? Dehydrating your onions is easier than you think, and it can be cheaper than buying dehydrated onions from the supermarket. Why Dehydrate Onions You might ask, “Why dehydrate?” Dehydrating onions is a better alternative to freezing or canning onions because it keeps the taste the same. You don’t need to worry about the onions going bad or tasting funky later on when … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activity – Heavy Crane Math

Busy Bag Activity ~ Heavy Crane Math

Welcome to the second activity in the busy bag activity series. This weeks busy bag activity is inspired by Number Gobbling Busy Bag over at Bits & Pieces From My Life.  I love the idea so much but knew that I had to adapt it for my own children.  While her sharks are adorable my boys are more into trains, tractors, trucks and construction equipment.  I had purchased the construction clipart sometime ago and love when I get the chance to use it, are you seeing a theme yet of my … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activity – Pool Noodle Sorting & Counting

Busy Bag Activity - Pool Noodle Sorting & Counting

The boys have been enjoying their busy bag immensely and I can admit that I am rather in love with it as well. Their favorite activity from the bag is the pool noodle sorting and counting activity so I thought I would start with that activity as I share with you what what we received during our busy bag activity swap. The pool noodle sorting and counting bag is a very inexpensive bag, especially if you have young children who already are in need of a pool noodle for actual swimming, otherwise … [Read more...]

Dried Celery Makes It Easy To Add Vegetables To Your Meals

Dried Celery

As I progress with my Fabulous Food Dehydrator Series, I couldn't decide whether dried celery or dried canned pineapple was easier. I thought about putting them in the same post because they are so easy, in the end though it came down to the tools needed. You have to actually chop celery so I decided it was harder...but only because it makes another dish to wash. As I said above you need to chop your celery before you can dry it. I purchased three bundles and my chopping skills are … [Read more...]

Busy Bag Activities Are Perfect For A Long Car Ride

Busy Bag Activities

Summer is here and for many including myself that means traveling. Family vacations can equal hundreds if not thousands of miles and that means memories will be made for in the future. Right? You know the memories that everyone has of going to Disney Land, Mount Rushmore or the zoo two states over. All if it can equal some amazing memories, a few to be had now and even more memories to fill in ten years from now. Why do the memories always seem to get better as we age? Possibly because we … [Read more...]

The Fabulous Food Dehydrator Part 5: Saving Money with a Food Dehydrator

Know that you know just about everything about choosing, using, and cleaning your food dehydrator, it is important you know how much money it can save you over the long run. Once of the most fun things about owning a food dehydrator (aside from all of the yummy snacks you can make!) is watching the savings add up! If you aren’t convinced yet, below you will find the top ways you are saving money with a food dehydrator! If you are smart about the foods that you buy to dehydrate, and you use … [Read more...]

The Fabulous Food Dehydrator Part 4: How to Care for Your Food Dehydrator

Once you own a food dehydrator, you will want to be sure you care for it well so that it will keep performing for years! The longer you keep it in optimum working condition, the longer it will continue to save you money in the kitchen. Some dehydrator owners will tell you that they have been using the same machine for 15 years.  My mom received her Excalibur as a wedding present and it’s still going strong 30+ years later. With proper care and maintenance this is very possible. Below, you … [Read more...]

Dry Pineapple The Easy Way

Dried Pineapple

If you have been following along with my Fantastic Food Dehydrator Series you have learned out a lot about what to look for in a dehydrator and even what kinds of dehydrators are available, however, knowing the facts and putting them to use are two different things. Having recipes to go along with your dehydrator is always a help. Working with a dehydrator is not as complicated as might think. I am going to start off sharing recipes that are simple. I mean some of them are so simple that I … [Read more...]

The Fabulous Food Dehydrator Series Part. 3: How to Choose a Food Dehydrator

You may know by now that you want to own a food dehydrator. You know how they work, you have an idea of what you can make in them, now how do you know which one to buy? With so many models to choose from, the decision of purchasing one can be overwhelming and intimidating. It can help if you are armed with prior knowledge, so that you can make an informed purchase and get the right dehydrator for your needs first time. Below, you will find some helpful hints on how to choose a food dehydrator. … [Read more...]

The Fabulous Food Dehydrator Series Part 2: So What Exactly Can You Make?

Dehydrated Onions

Many people think of food dehydrators and think of beef jerky, or maybe dried apples, and that is about it. They may not realize exactly how versatile food dehydrators really are, and how they can be used for more than just some quick snack foods. In fact, food dehydrators can provide healthy snacks for your pets, aid you in your crafting projects, and even help you preserve herbs. If you think food dehydrators are just good for jerky, then you are missing out! Abandon the idea that a food … [Read more...]

The Fabulous Food Dehydrator Series Part. 1: What is Food Dehydrator All About?

In a world that is obsessed with fresh food, why on Earth would anyone want to dehydrate it, right? Wrong! While fresh food is best, you can still preserve a great deal of vitamins and nutrients naturally when you preserve foods using a food dehydrator! In the old days, our ancestors had various ways of drying meats and vegetables, none of which would seem very appetizing by today’s standards! Eww! But today, we are lucky enough to have food dehydrators to help us with this task and even make … [Read more...]