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Easy Thanksgiving Craft For Kids ~ Flower Pot Saucer Turkey

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving crafts for kids, this turkey craft should definitely be at the top of your list. Turn an ordinary flower pot saucer into an adorable and easy Thanksgiving craft for kids with this basic tutorial. The kids will have a blast making their turkey into their own, personalized creation. It’s a great way to occupy children while also teaching them about the holiday season.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft For Kids ~ Thanksgiving Flower Pot Saucer Turkey

How Do You Make a Turkey Craft?

First, you’ll need this list of items and supplies:

  • Terra cotta flower pot saucer ($1 or less at most retail and garden stores)
  • Pair of googly eyes
  • Assorted crafting feathers
  • Orange and red craft foam or felt
  • Craft glue or hot glue, glue gun
  • Scissors

Next, follow these step-by-step instructions to create the easy Thanksgiving craft for kids.

  • Begin by applying the pair of googly eyes to the inside of the saucer. This is the portion of the saucer that looks like the inside of a bowl. Just add a dab of glue and press into place. We preferred using the hot glue gun because it was a quicker setup time as far as drying goes.
  • Cut a triangle out of the orange foam or felt. Then, place the triangle under the googly eyes to make the beak of the turkey.
  • Now, cut a squiggle out of the red craft foam or felt. This will act as the gobbler of your turkey. Apply some glue up under the nose and press the gobbler into place.
  • Apply some glue to the ends of each feather and press them to the back of the saucer. The fluffier part of your feather should be sticking straight up above the top of the turkey’s head. Space them out so that they look like the tail of a turkey.


Easy Thanksgiving Craft For Kids ~ Thanksgiving Flower Pot Saucer Turkey

Why Do People Celebrate Thanksgiving for Kids?

As parents, we love to teach our children all that we can. Not just about history, but about life in general. The Thanksgiving season is such a perfect time to help them learn about being thankful and grateful for what they have. It’s basically an easy avenue to teach them some basic, but very valuable insight towards people, life in general, and about having a positive attitude. When it comes to Thanksgiving crafts for kids, this is simply a fun way to bring about that learning opportunity or window to tell them about the season. This is why people love to pay so much attention to celebrating Thanksgiving for their kids. Not only does it have a strong family element, but it’s a wonderful holiday to teach so many wonderful attributes.

What is the Story of Thanksgiving?

When utilizing Thanksgiving crafts for kids, especially to tell the story behind when the holiday started, it’s nice to know the story ourselves before we get started. Of course, most of us know the idea but can forget details over the years. The way I like to teach my children is by telling them of the pilgrims coming over to a new world. Once that’s covered, I tell them about how grateful they were for their freedom and their first harvest. This is when I like to throw in some history and tell them it was October of 1621 when this first harvest happened. Then I slip in a bit of information about diversity and tell them how the Indians and pilgrims came together that day and that the Indians even outnumbered the pilgrims. It was three days full of feasting and merriment in honor of being grateful for what they had.

I absolutely love this turkey craft. The kids really loved it too and it was a blast to use the craft as a segway into teaching them more about the holiday and its meaning. This, in turn, allows me to teach them what to be grateful and thankful is all about. Thanksgiving crafts for kids are super useful in so many ways and that’s why we love this easy Thanksgiving craft for kids that we created!

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