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Free Printable Turkey Thanksgiving Hanging Tags

Are you looking for something to add a special touch to your Thanksgiving party this year? I made something for my readers that I think they will love.  These Turkey hanging tags are a fun way to add a little pizzazz to your Thanksgiving dinner this year. You can use them as décor, name plates, or as a fun way to label your food. In the past I’ve struggled with how to decorate in a simple way and I think these hit the nail on the head. You simply print them out, write whatever you want … [Read more...]

Easy Thanksgiving Craft For Kids ~ Flower Pot Saucer Turkey

It isn't too late to get your Thanksgiving crafting on. Take a peek below at this Easy Thanksgiving Craft For Kids and how you can turn an ordinary flower pot saucer into an extraordinary turkey! You can make your own flower pot saucer turkey in just minutes, and enjoy him for holidays to come. Here is how you can get started making this Easy Thanksgiving Craft For Kids.   Easy Thanksgiving Craft For Kids Flower Pot Saucer Turkey Ingredients  Terra cotta flower pot saucer ($1 or … [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Easy Biscuit Recipe Ever

If you open my refrigerator one thing that you will always find is whipping cream. I use it for so many things including homemade whip cream, part of my morning coffee and the most AMAZING easy biscuit recipe you will ever eat. These whip cream biscuits are the best biscuits I've ever had. They truly melt in your mouth! Not only do these biscuits melt in your mouth but remember I told you they were easy! By easy I mean that they only require 3 ingredients and because I don't mess around … [Read more...]

Free Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I'm always looking for easy treats to make.  One of the easiest things I can think of is a simple batch of cupcakes with frosting.  These printable toppers really dress them with ease for a kids party at school, coffee with the girls or an office party.  Print off as many sheets of these printables as you need and attach a toothpick to the back.  Done.   I tend to make my cupcake toppers double sided by trimming two … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Makeover ~ Turkey Croquettes

I don't know about but I happen to have a 20 pound turkey sitting in my freezer waiting to make it's appearance next week. 20 pounds for 7 people and two of them are five and under. Can we say leftovers? Check out this Thanksgiving Leftover Makeover - Turkey Croquettes from Modern Christian Homemaker if your like me and looking for something a bit different this year for your tovers. … [Read more...]

Check Out These Cute Edible Turkey Decorations

Madame Deals has the cutest Edible Turkey Decorations.  Love these little guys! Head to Madame Deals to get the directions to make your own Edible Turkey Decorations! … [Read more...]

Become #CartonSmart This Thanksgiving

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carton Smart. All opinions are 100% mine. Become #CartonSmart This Thanksgiving For the holidays, one of my main go to dishes is Pumpkin Pie. Of course, over the years I’ve tried to buy the most convenient foods to make things easier. However, this year I really wanted to go homemade and impress my friends and family. They might not believe that I actually made this year’s pumpkin pie. One of the things that inspired me to do a fresh … [Read more...]

Leftover Turkey Idea From Madame Deals

I purchased a 20 lb turkey for Thanksgiving this year so I know I will be looking for ideas on what to do with all that extra turkey. I am not sure about your Thanksgiving dinner but our holidays are spent hanging out with our family and watching football. We now all have children so the holiday have become more meaningful. It has always been a tradition for our family to make Thanksgiving dinner again at our house since we always travel to our families. The problem is I have tons of … [Read more...]

Free Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers

November is here and if you have facebook you are seeing the "Thankful" posts.  This to me means it's time to start planning for Thanksgiving.  I actually cooked up a turkey last night for dinner because I am hosting Thanksgiving and have never cooked the main course.  Pies, potatoes, rolls, side dishes and appetizers I have you covered, the turkey I must say turned at awesome!  Guess I will be prepared this year for Thanksgiving or at least I think I will be prepared until the day before and … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Day Activities

Thanksgiving Day Activities If you’re like many people during this holiday, you’re about to have a house full of people. How can you possibly keep them all entertained while you manage to pull the perfect meal out of the oven at the perfect time? Some of these activities may be able to help. Activities for Everyone This is the one chance many families get all year to be together, so why not enjoy it with a few different activities? There are so many things all of you can do on this … [Read more...]

Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is the biggest challenge for wine lovers the world over. All of those different dishes and flavors mixing together! It's nearly impossible to choose the perfect wines that will compliment the broad array of foods that make up the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The best plan of attack is to select a few wines that will match each course and cater to the different palates of the guests who are attending the dinner. Here are my picks for the best types of wine that can stand up to a … [Read more...]

Essential Tips for Planning an Adult Thanksgiving Party

  Thanksgiving day is a traditional occasion during which people make various plans in order to celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and happiness. As this special day is all about being thankful for each and everything achieved in life, people actively participate with all essential preparations required for such traditions. Thanksgiving is such a festival which is cherished by people of every age group. However, the interest or celebrating ways may differ depending upon the age of … [Read more...]

3 Low-Carb Thanksgiving Side Dishes

  Thanksgiving may seem like it's all about carb-rich foods, from mashed potatoes and rich, creamy vegetable casseroles to fresh dinner rolls. The good news is you can still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your family without taking in a carb overload. While some side dishes may require a little creativity -- such as replacing potatoes with cauliflower -- they certainly won't lack flavor. 1. Stuffing with Vegetables and Sausage The stuffing is probably one of the most carb-rich side … [Read more...]

Tips For Surviving On Thanksgiving Day

  We all love Thanksgiving Day. All family and friends gather together, everywhere is felt warmth and comfort. But what we have to go through in the days before Thanksgiving Day and what we have to do to arrange a cozy family holiday? For most people, every Thanksgiving day is like a small end of the world: buy it, cook it, clear it, bake this, broil that. In the end, more often instead of gratitude, we get stress and nervous breakdown. That is why better be prepared for Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Turkey Day Trauma

“This year” I confidently told my wife Amy, when our children were very young and squirmy and clingy and generally as manageable as a pond of frogs, “we are going to beat the Thanksgiving chaos!” “How’s that gonna happen?” she asked wearily, picking up a crying child and disengaging another one that wanted to pull the buttons off her Capri pants. “Simple” I replied heartily, caught up in my own fantasy.  “This year I’ll take Wednesday off from work and cook up the turkey myself; then on … [Read more...]