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National Summer Reading Programs

There are a LOT of great programs that your children can take advantage of to earn FREE books, prizes, and cash! Need some kids book recommendations? Check out this Kids Summer Reading Book List for lots of great ideas for the best books for kids to read this summer, including books for all ages and all reading levels.  National Summer Reading Programs Junie B Jones Reading Club - Sign up and get a FREE starter Kit that includes a copy of Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways To Save On House Bills

5 Easy Ways To Save On House Bills Heat, water, electric, phone, cable. The list of household bills needing pay each month seems endless, especially when costs keep rising but income stays the same. Fortunately, reducing the costs of house bills is entirely doable by simply changing some habits or switching the type of equipment used when accessing certain utilities. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to save on house bills: Reducing water use. Take timed showers with low-flow shower-heads, … [Read more...]

5 Fashion Tips for Big and Tall Men

**5 Fashion Tips for Big and Tall Men is a sponsored guest post on behalf of G&L Clothing.** When you’re a man whose body decided to think outside the box, you may discover that your fashion needs are slightly different from those of gentlemen who don’t fall into the big and tall category. For you, clothing shopping isn’t just a matter of finding clothing that is the right size. You’ll also want the appropriate cut and fit to suit your height and shape. The following are some handy … [Read more...]

Frugalicious and Fast Fiesta Ideas

How about a Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo or for any evening? A fiesta is frugal and fun and appeals to all ages. Here’s the plan for a frugalicious and fast FIESTA! Fiesta Meal Ideas Make Your Own Nacho Bar Tortilla Chips Taco Meat Recipe – 1 lb. ground beef, 1 cup picante sauce, 1 can ranch style beans (do not drain)…brown beef, add picante sauce and beans. Simmer 10 minutes. Grated Mexi-Cheese Shredded Lettuce Chopped Tomato or Pico de Gallo Sour Cream Guacamole Salsa Jalapenos Black … [Read more...]

Netbook, Laptop, Tablet: Choosing The Right Tech

Technology comes in many forms and sizes. Whilst having plenty of choice and options is great, the actual task of making such a decision is none the less rather difficult. With so much to choose from, how do you decide? In terms of computing devices alone, you can choose from netbooks laptops tablets and various other devices, so which is right for you? To this end, here are a number of things you can look at. This includes making sure the technology isn't outdated and making sure you know … [Read more...]

Chicken, Ham Or Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

It is finally the season for great tomatoes, they have flavor after months of being bland. That brings one thought to mind spring. So in the spirit of spring here is a light tomato based recipe. Ingredients For Chicken, Ham Or Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes 4 large round firm tomatoes 3 cans of tuna, ham, salmon, or chicken (I used Tuna) 1/2 cup mayo 2 stalks of celery diced 1 small diced onion 1 tablespoon relish flavor of choice 1 teaspoon garlic powder Salt Pepper Directions For … [Read more...]

Online Prices Vs. In-Store Retail: What You Need to Know

The Internet has introduced many things to modern society, but nothing has had more of an impact than the ability to shop online. With just a few keystrokes, a person can enter into a shopper’s paradise, purchasing things that they need or want, at any time of day. The convenience of online shopping has made it very desirable. This convenience has also made it very easy to make larger purchases. The question of the day, however, is purchasing online always the best deal? The answer is yes and … [Read more...]

DIY Soap Tips and Recipe to Try Out at Home

Bath soaps are undoubtedly one of our daily needs to maintain proper hygiene. But these days, most bath soaps are plagued with too much artificial component and chemicals that make them unsafe to our skin—they can cause dry and cracked skin and even allergic reactions to certain chemicals. So it is a good news to everyone that we can actually make our own natural soap at home. This recipe includes several natural products that can help ward off odor causing bacteria and germs and at the same … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Patty’s Day with Gluten-Free and Vegan Dishes

The luck of the Irish can pertain to a lot of people on St. Patrick’s Day – but not if you suffer from a food allergy or have dietary restrictions. Corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and beer can be tempting for someone with gluten allergy or anyone who adheres to a vegan diet, but those traditional Irish dishes won’t fare well for anyone who shouldn’t eat them. Want to know a way to enjoy some popular Irish dishes on St. Patrick’s Day? Here are some recipes for vegan and gluten free … [Read more...]

Three Different Ways to Get Your Kids to Study

All parents want their children to do well in school, and studying properly can help them meet that goal. Most children do not like to study, and blowing your top trying to force the studying can turn into an argument. Most kids just want to know just enough to pass a test and do not want to spend their time studying to know all the information. Studying involves making data relevant, and that takes time. Below are three different ways to get your kid’s to study. Set Apart Time for … [Read more...]

Best Home Exercises

Home trainings are popular among all of those busy people, who cannot afford the luxury of having spare time to visit even the local gym. Though, the desire of losing some weight is something so common that even these people, who are obsessed by their carriers, would be really glad to get into fit. On the other hand, other people, even though they have enough free time, cannot afford the gym visitation, because of some financial difficulties. In both cases, the mission to get rid of some pounds … [Read more...]

5 Recipes To Kick Start A Stalled Diet Plan

Every year, there are countless people who resolve that this is going to be the year they lose the weight they’ve wanted to lose.  They start with great plans, follow diet and exercise regimens with laser-sharp determination, but within a week or so, they’re struggling.  Diet doesn’t have to mean “die with a T”, however; here are 6 recipes you could potentially follow in order to kick start a stalled diet plan: Chicken Tikka Masala Whether served with rice or warm pita bread, this is a … [Read more...]

No Worries: Tips for a Stress Free Family Vacation

When you are ready to get on the road with your family, you know that it takes a lot more preparation than when you are simply traveling alone. Young children need help with their packing, and the older children get, the more difficult it is to make sure that everyone is going to enjoy the destination. What can you do to make the trip trouble-free? Rental Service When you are staying in a hotel, there is a good chance that you will be able to rent or borrow things like a stroller and a … [Read more...]

Eight Space Saving Ideas

In these difficult economic times few of us can afford to up-size our houses, even when our families are growing and somehow we can’t stop accumulating more and more ‘stuff’. We may not be able to conjure up an extra room or two as we’d like, but there are several ways in which we can make space for ourselves and our families, creating a much calmer living space. 1. Clear Out! It may sound simple, but the best way to clear space is to get rid of stuff! Have a massive clearout, reminding … [Read more...]

Surprise Your Valentine With Moist & Delicious Carmel Apple Upside Down Cupcakes & Smothered (With Love) Chicken

This Valentine’s Day you may be looking for something a little bit different to cook for your sweetie. But since Valentine’s falls on a Thursday it’s not like you’ll have a ton of extra time after your daily activities to put something together for dinner. So here are some easy Valentine’s recipes you can put together on a Thursday night: Smothered (with love) Chicken Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts 2 ½ tsp chicken cooking base 1 ¾ cup water 2 tbsp flour ½ onion … [Read more...]